Quick Reference: Pointers for Healing (6.2)

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For in-depth guides regarding talent, glyphs, enchants and other Discipline or Holy information, please check out -
Holy: http://howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=7648
Discipline: http://howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=7649

I am now Ashleycakez @ Bleeding Hollow for those curious. I still play!

Many starting Priests stop by our forum looking for useful tips to help them as they progress through Priesthood. I've provided these pointers to help not only low level Priests but Priests at max level who still feel uncomfortable healing or may be switching to healing from playing Shadow! These are tips for those of you beginning healing to help you in the dungeons and heroic dungeons you encounter in your journey.

These pointers are exclusively for PvE (player vs. environment).


Which spec should I play?
Either one works. Remember this when making the decision:
  • Holy is a reactive healing spec. This means that your group will take damage and you will heal it after the fact.
  • Disc is a mitigation spec, which means that you will prevent incoming damage on your group via absorption.
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    Tips for Holy and Discipline:
  • Use Mindbender on or near its cooldown as often as possible. It is best to use it when your mana drops to 80%, and then to continue using it on its CD.
  • If you are not specced into Mindbender, use it on CD as an offensive burst cooldown.
  • If specced into Power Word: Solace, make sure to use this spell on cooldown.
  • Talented for Surge of Light? Monitor those procs and use them up before they expire! SoL is great for refreshing Renew in Holy or topping off/applying Divine Aegis (if critical) as Discipline.
  • Flash Heal heals for the same amount as Heal, but has a faster cast time. Use Flash Heal when your target is in need of near immediate healing and conserve mana with Heal in other situations.
  • Prayer of Mending (PoM) is a particularly useful spell for area-of-effect (AoE) damage. The best use of this spell in dungeons involves casting it on your tank and monitoring when it fades or all its charges are used. PoM is not necessarily the best spell to cast on cooldown. It is in your best interest to use it only when AoE damage is going out, especially if your mana is suffering.
  • Power Infusion is now accessible by both Holy and Disc. Use this cooldown as you need for the additional throughput and mana reduction.
  • Enhanced Leap of Faith (level 92) provides 50% increased healing for your next non-periodic heal on the target which LoF was used. Useful for topping off players who love fire!
  • Tips for Holy:
  • Once your Chakra abilities become available at level 56, make sure you are ALWAYS in a Chakra state. The best Chakra state to use for dungeons and heroic dungeons is Chakra: Serenity, which increases the amount your single target healing spells heal for and causes your single target heals to refresh Renew.
  • Please note that Chakra states are no longer as punishing as they once were. It is fine to heal in Chakra: Sanctuary, but for single target healing Serenity is still recommended.
  • At level 92, the Priest learns the Enhanced Chakras passive, reducing the cooldown on Chakra states by 20 seconds. You can stance dance with little repercussion now!
  • Maintain Renew on your tank. It will be refreshed with single target heals if you are in Chakra: Serenity.
  • Stick to Renew, Heal, and Holy Word: Serenity for single target healing (player above 60% hp).
  • If a player’s health drops below 40%, use one of the following methods to bring him up:
  • HW: Serenity -> Flash Heal -> Heal
  • Flash Heal -> Flash Heal -> Heal
  • Use Guardian Spirit before the above rotations as needed.
  • Note that HW: Serenity is not only an emergency spell, but also a low cost single target heal to be used on or near CD.
  • There is absolutely no requirement to keep stacks of Serendipity up. Think of this passive as a way of making Flash Heal ok to use when necessary.
  • If you and another player in your group take damage use Binding Heal instead of Flash Heal. BH interacts with the Holy toolkit in the same manner that FH does (Serendipity gain, Renew refreshing).
  • Glyphed Binding Heal will heal yourself and 2 other players.
  • It is good practice to refresh Renews on multiple players taking damage via direct healing while in Chakra: Serenity.
  • Sometimes, more damage is incoming than expected, and the Priest should revert to casting Prayer of Healing followed by a Circle of Healing to stabilize the group (3+ people taking damage).
  • If the damage is too severe, fall in to FH/BH > FH/BH > PoH chain chasting.
  • Always drop Lightwell for boss fights. Lightwell is also a great resource for large trash pulls.
  • At lower levels, Power Word: Shield is often an appropriate spell to use. However, as one approaches level 85 and higher, PW:S will quite noticeably become less effective in comparison to your single target heals. At 100, Holy Priests will reserve PW:S use strictly for Body and Soul (talent).
  • Tips for Discipline:
  • Silence! Interrupt spells on cooldown to decrease the damage your group takes.
  • Maintain Power Word: Shield on your tank.
  • Maintaining PW: Shield on other targets taking damage is good practice, but not at the cost of neglecting your mana and the other spells in your toolkit.
  • If specced into Clarity of Will (level 100), maintain this shield on your tank at all times.
  • If 3+ people in your group take damage use Prayer of Healing.
  • Power Word: Shield is the most mana efficient way to apply full shields to your party (RIP Spirit Shell).
  • Heals like Penance and Atonement will still continue to heal targets while you have the SS buff.
  • At level 92, Discipline learns the Empowered Archangel passive, which grants the next PoH/FH cast after activating Archangel 100% increased critical strike chance. Use this to your advantage for Divine Aegis application on your party (PoH)/tank (FH).
  • If you anticipate incoming damage use PW: Barrier on your party to block most of it. Don't be afraid to use it as a single target cooldown for your tank if Pain Suppression has already been used.
  • Build up 5 stacks of Evangelism as you can manage to do so. Do not prioritize Atonement healing over direct healing if someone is taking excess damage.
  • Continue to maintain Evangelism at 5 stacks by casting Holy Fire/PW:So on cooldown so that you can use Archangel when damage picks up.
  • When used offensively, Penance gives 1 stack of Evangelism per cast. However, when used defensively, it is also your strongest single target heal.
  • When your group members are above 85% hp, focus on healing from Holy Fire/PW: Solace and Penance (Atonement).
  • Use Smite as your mana and the content allows. It is not as potent a filler as it once was.
  • Better filler spells between the HF/PW:So cooldown are PW: Shield and defensive Penance.
  • If a player’s health drops below 60% then PW: Shield (to gain Borrowed Time) -> Penance or PW: Shield -> Heal or Flash Heal if Penance is on CD.
  • In the above emergency situations you can also use your Archangel cooldown to increase your healing.
  • Utilize Archangel for when your entire group has taken a large hit and you want a stronger healing to get health pools stabilized. Archangel is a short cooldown and its use should not be held off too long.
  • Words of Mending (level 100 talent) does not gain stacks from Atonement heals, nor do Atonement heals count to trigger the PoM at 10 stacks of WoM.
  • Reserved.
    Let the discussion begin! Let's keep up an excellent resource for newer healing Priests to use throughout Mists!
    08/23/2012 07:41 PMPosted by Maladie

    Aww thanks <3
    Liked and Sticky requested.
    Wow, had just decided to finally finish leveling this character and get some work in over the next month.

    Now I feel overwhelmed and like I have been healing as disc all wrong...

    Sadface. Well, back to tanking.
    Power word Solace worth anything? Cant see a cd or mana cost.
    Great info as always Ashley
    Wow, had just decided to finally finish leveling this character and get some work in over the next month.

    Now I feel overwhelmed and like I have been healing as disc all wrong...

    Sadface. Well, back to tanking.

    Don't feel discourage; we are all going to be re-learning our class. If you've been doing it wrong all along, this is the perfect opportunity to learn. Healing is fun :)
    08/23/2012 07:35 PMPosted by Ashleycakez
    Discipline Priests now have the ability to heal while dealing damage by default (formerly known as Archangel/Atonement spec). Penance also works as an Atonement heal now, applying 1 stack of Evangelism per cast.

    Just to add: Archangel no longer restores mana, but healing increase is 5% per Evengelism stack (as opposed to 3% in Cata).
    Good call!
    Thanks Ashley. I just made some adjustments on my healing spells usage and made me a better healer. Thanks again.
    Thank you Ashleycakez, and others contributing, as this is imo really needed.

    I have tried to be upbeat about MoP, as I know it is important for the good of the game, but I am discouraged about how Blizzard has handled Discipline for MoP, and how it seems to have so much time to post about all aspects of DPS matters, but hardly a post about Healing.

    Healing is just not as important as DPS to the current developers/designers.

    But we will adapt as always, relying on our own to get information out, and to get things fleshed out.
    Nice summary Ashley, although I do have a question for people who have spent more time on beta then myself.

    If you use PoH to proc party-wide spirit shells, does that PoH also proc the usual Div Aegis in addition to the shells?
    08/25/2012 09:07 AMPosted by Aerr
    If you use PoH to proc party-wide spirit shells, does that PoH also proc the usual Div Aegis in addition to the shells?

    There is no application of Divine Aegis.

    Standing around (note: my ilvl is 420 outside of dungeons and you need 429 to queue for heroic dungeons) I managed to get a 100k+ Spirit Shell on myself from 4 consecutive Prayer of Healing casts while the SS buff was up. With a 1,600ish Mastery proc trinket (from a quest), I managed to get a 163k+ SS up on myself with 4 PoH casts. Quite potent! My Mastery is at 2201 points (29.17%).
    Normal PoH @ 85, 12.2k spellpower, 29.93 Mastery: 14.9k + 5.8k DA

    Spirit Shell PoH, same stats: 27k

    So, no DA, but a much higher overall absorption.

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