Quick Reference: Pointers for Healing (6.2)

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Updated with links to Holy and Discipline PvE guides. No one wrote any for the WoW forums :( Was waiting for that.
Hey, i used to have an 85 hunter until my account got hacked. I decided to restart and i thought being a healer would be a good change from dps. So far i do enjoy being a healer but i am new to being a priest or being a healer in general. i chose disc priest but im not sure if i made the right choice for being a healer. Anyway some of the stacks and mechanics of being a priest are kinda confusing to me. I was hoping this was a good place to ask for some advice as to which priest spec i should be playing to heal and just some general help with the concepts and mechanics, thanks
I personally played Holy at first and found it easier than Disc; however, there are those who think Disc is easier than Holy. Both are viable and I would recommend trying them both out until you find out which one works best for you.
Do you think that for MoP content there is a better spec for end game content? Idc which is harder i just want it to pay off in the end
Holy seems to have a bit of an advantage as Disc is quite gear dependent. I don't doubt that there are exceptional Disc Priests who are preforming well currently though.

Its more of a fight to fight case than an overall which is better imo. Some fights are better designed to blanket SS to absorb damage. Others, not so much (Stone Guard imo).
10/04/2012 05:19 PMPosted by Ashleycakez
Holy seems to have a bit of an advantage as Disc is quite gear dependent. I don't doubt that there are exceptional Disc Priests who are preforming well currently though.

I find going disc. alot easier for me than holy... I like the fact that I can predict when an attack comes and prepare in case my shield fails on me. I also like Power Word: Barrier as I can throw that down if I can't pop my shield yet.

Again thats just me but I find it alot easier to go Disc..... yes I understand we are gear-dependant but when we get the gear.... oh you better watch out :P
I found leveling in dungeons as disc low lvls is really easy, b/c you just attone heal since the dmg isnt that great, and u make the fights faster with your damage, plus you can pretty much fully heal a person with pennance.

in heroics right now i'm finding disc to be easier as i'm lazy so i just throw bubbles up so i dont have much to heal, and b/c with holy i find the heals are stronger so you wait longer to heal to prevent over healing but with an ungeared group the dmg spikes get a bit scary. havnt mop raided priest yet so i dont know how that is, but from the shammy experiece i love running raids with disc priest, since my sham does the huge heals and they bubble everything and keep people topped off easy and help with lots of mana regen
Just stopped in to say Ash, you're the best. I recommend this guide to every struggling priest I encounter. Thanks a ton for this great guide
Everytime there is even the slightest flaw in the discipline spec, it is quickly hotfixed. Holy priests always get told to either wait until the next patch for fixes, or respec to discipline everytime the encounter even remotely dictates absorbs trumping throughput. There is no other class in the game that has multiple tanking or healing specs. That is a frustrating design flaw that seems to have no end in sight.

After 8 years, the original base healing spec has no steady place in a 10 man raid comp, and raid lockouts are still a complete and utter mess. I do not understand how so many of the failures from Cataclysm get addressed, yet the single most annoying part of that entire expansion from start to finish somehow gets left in the game.

I have my own fix to one of these problems, and that is to main spec shadow right now. As to the other problem, all I can do is hope that my guild decides to server transfer to a place where 25 mans are even possible.
I rather enjoy using the Sanctuary Chakra for 5 mans.

I just use my shield and a prayer of mending on the tank (instant heal if it breaks, it usually doesn't at this level) and then just casually shoot out an AoE on the group and HoTs on the group.

This seems to work best for random people starting to take damage, in part because circle of healing will heal about 60% of someone's health at this level.. I also use /tar mouseover macros for all of my spells.

This might change when the tank seriously starts taking more damage.
08/23/2012 07:35 PMPosted by Ashleycakez
Holy is a reactive healing spec. This means that your group will take damage and you will heal it after the fact.

Using PW: Shield with any frequency is contrary to this core fact of how Holy functions. However, during the leveling process, the cost of PW: Shield and the amount of damage it absorbs may greatly outweigh the synergy it lacks with the Holy spec.

Once you get closer to 85+ you will notice PW: Shield isn't absorbing as much as it used to in comparison. Similarly, you will start to see that your single target heals aren't as potent as you may need.

I used to have a little bit about PW: Shield usage as Holy in the Cata version of this thread. I must have accidentally omitted it.
It may be worth mentioning that Archangel affects absorbs too (PW:S and SS) which have application for when your group or even one individual is about to take a big hit.
would you recommend Holy Or Disc for 5-mans?
Either spec is fine. I've always preferred Holy, but Disc will work as well. Try both and see which one feels better for you.
Alright so i find this a pretty helpful thread, but i stilln have a major question. is it just me, or is Disc spec much better than holy right now. my main spec is disc and i have done 4/6 MV on normal and 1/6 HoF on normal. i put out pretty good heals and never oom, i can fight for an hour and never oom. but when i go into Holy spec to try and learn how to use it better, i oom very fast, and i only do this is heroics, whic i can do with ease in disc spec, any help?
As soon as I hit 90 (I didn't buy any BoE epics, but purchased 2 JP items), I was able to heal dungeons with PuG tanks, guild tanks, full PuG groups, etc. with ease. PoM on the tank and maintain Renew via HW: Serenity and Heal. My mana would barely drop to the point of using Mindbender, which I use on CD once I hit 80% mana.

I would recommend Renew and PoM glyphs for 5 mans, along with Lightspring. I've noticed that typically no one's health drops below 50% anyways, but in the chance that someone is standing in fire they wouldn't click a Lightspring anyways >_>

Also, Divine Insight is far better than Twist of Fate for Holy in 5 mans.
Did a bit of editing on the original posts. Any constructive feedback is appreciated as usual. :)
12/10/2012 08:41 AMPosted by Ashleycakez
Did a bit of editing on the original posts. Any constructive feedback is appreciated as usual. :)

This is more appreciation than anything.

I found what you have written valuable to the point where I cut and pasted the text into MS Word so I could make a hard-copy printout to refer to as I play.

Thank you for making this thread!


Two xpacks ago, I got into a debate about the best kind of guide.
This thread is pretty much exactly what I was supporting.

I would prefer to read a guide that doesn't read like you just inherited a level 80 priest and have no idea what anything does.

Rather than telling us what spells do, tell us why we would use them.
As someone who has not Disc healed since Cata this is exactly the kind of thread I was looking for. Great stuff!

Just one question: when do you recommend Prayer of Mending? (It appears it should never be cast right after PW: Shield on the same person)

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