Quick Reference: Pointers for Healing (6.2)

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Why wouldn't you cast PoM after PW:S? Do you mean it shouldn't be cast on a target with PW:S up or that you will waste a GCD with Borrowed Time? PoM doesn't consume BT.

Tbh I use PoM whenever its off CD in a dungeon because it doesn't matter, for me at least. Mana management is easy and I don't care if all the charges get used or not.

Now, if you are using PoM knowing that it will only bounce one, I would recommend Glyph of Prayer of Mending for dungeons since you are most likely casting the initial spell on your tank.
I'm a disc priest, and I have been for nearly five years now. I never have an issue keeping people alive and I know my rotation well (although I'm still getting used to Atonement since I took a hiatus in Cataclysm). I've been removed from two LFRs now because my HPS was "too low." I was using my mana effectively and people weren't dying, but for some reason people decided to ignore absorbs or whatever else and jsut kick me. Is this something that other disc priests experience or am I alone in the dark here?
First a friendly reminder that this thread is aimed toward healers in 5 man dungeons, not raids.

Secondly, unless a player is using a Recount addon that hasn't been updated since ICC, absorbs are now factored into all healing. Perhaps your hps truly is low. I can't tell you without seeing any links to parses on worldoflogs.com for you.

Perhaps if you want more assistance it would be in your best interest to create a new topic, or perhaps visit the detailed Discipline guide I've linked in the OP.
I have been healing since cata. Due to a low population server I never really got to go on any raids and now the same problem seems to be holding my progress in gearing up. I did go on 1 raid and a few bg's as a healer and ran into a problem. Healbot lists everyone and their brother and I have a hard time keeping track of who needs heals, whether they are in range, and still being able to see what is going on around me as Healbot takes up half my screen. Especially in raids and large bg's. Any suggestions? I like the way Healbot works just need it consolidated so I can maneuver my toon.
I have never used Healbot, sorry. You may be better off creating a thread in this forum for help: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/1011693/ or perhaps this thread may be of use to you if you are searching for an alternative: http://www.howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=1715
02/23/2013 04:02 PMPosted by Vynnis
I like the way Healbot works just need it consolidated so I can maneuver my toon.

Healbot can be customized to a great extent, and it also comes with a number of presets. For raids, I switch it to the "Raid" skin, under the skins tab in the options menu. Where it says "Use Skin:" then has a dropdown menu. Then if you want to really get into changing it, all the buttons under that tab can alter ALL sorts of things.

Good luck!
Updated for 5.2. Sorry for the delay. Please let me know if I have overlooked something. :)
Power word Solace worth anything? Cant see a cd or mana cost.

No mana cost, and it restores 1% mana. It strikes a hostile target for the same damage as Holy Fire (which it replaces), healing a nearby friendly target for the same amount. Unless it heals you, in which case it heals for half the amount.

For a Disc Priest, this is somewhat lame, since our Atonement allows to do the same thing with Holy Fire. Basically, for us, it's a Holy Fire that costs no mana and restores 1%. Big deal.

They should make it do something extra for us.
It already does something extra. In addition to restoring mana it also saves you the cost of Holy Fire, which you would already be casting anyways. For Disc Priests, PW:So is much stronger than Mindbender.

For a Holy Priest using PW:So on CD with Shadowfiend over the course of 3 minutes, Mbender would actually restore more mana than PW:So + Shadowfiend (very small difference of 5.4k mana if I remember correctly).

A Disc Priest would only have to cast PW:So 3 times every minute to break even with the regen from Mindbender. It is that good for us.

Of course there are times when Mindbender is more optimal a choice, like when PW:So can't be reliably cast on CD (nest duty on Ji-Kun for example), but this doesn't necessarily effect 5 mans :)
04/21/2013 09:17 AMPosted by Ashleycakez
It already does something extra. In addition to restoring mana it also saves you the cost of Holy Fire, which you would already be casting anyways.

I meant in terms of doing something for us that it doesn't do for Holy Priests. For Holy Priests, it is a cost-free Holy Fire that restores 1% mana and heals the ally with the lowest health for the same amount.

In other words, it's duplicates the effect of our atonement, something we have already. Since it gives Holy Priests something that we already have anyway, I was suggesting that it might give us something extra.
But it does... we save mana and regen from casting PW:So... not to mention it increases our Evangelism stacks so we save mana on Smite and Penance and increase the healing done by all three Atonement spells...
. we save mana and regen from casting PW:So

So do Holy Priests. In addition it confers something for Holy Priests that they wouldn't otherwise have that we would have: Healing a nearby ally for the same amount.

I weary of this discussion. You're being dishonest. You are pretending not to understand something that you understand perfectly well. It does more for a Holy Priest than it does for a Disc Priest. For a Holy Priest, it does mana-free damage and 1% mana return in addition to healing a nearby ally for the same amount. For Disc Priests, it does cost free damage and 1% mana return. We already have the benefit of healing nearby allies for the same amount of damage. Holy Priests get an additional benefit over Disc Priests that they wouldn't otherwise have.
Holy Priests would never use Holy Fire in a healing rotation, only while in Chakra: Chastise to DPS. And in that case, they would most likely use Mindbender as it provides more damage than the Holy Priest speccing into PW:So. So, frankly, Holy Priests aren't benefitting from it as much as Disc Priests do in regards to regen. Yes Holy Priests can heal from it but they would have to use it on CD to match Mindbender's regen, and it may only be favored on fights with +damage components on bosses so that the healing done by it is increased.

I'm really not sure what you are trying to argue here.

Are you trying to suggest that you would rather it just act like Holy Fire for Holy, without the additional healing? If it just acted like a free Holy Fire, then it would still work as an Atonement heal for Discipline.
I'm really not sure what you are trying to argue here.

Why am I bothering? It's already become a bigger deal than it needs to be.

All right. Here's what Holy gets should they replace Holy Fire with PW:So:

  • Mana-free direct damage and some damage over time, the exact same amount as Holy Fire.
  • Recovery of 1% mana.
  • Healing of a nearby ally for the same amount of damage, or half the damage if the Priest is healed.

Now, here's what Disc gets by replacing Holy Fire with PW:So:

  • Mana-free direct damage and some damage over time, the exact same amount as Holy Fire.
  • Recovery of 1% mana.

The healing of a nearby ally for the exact same amount, half if the Priest is healed, doesn't apply here because we had that with Holy Fire as is.

I'm merely suggesting that perhaps we could get some additional benefit for Disc Priests, that we wouldn't otherwise have. It does more for a Holy Priest than it does for a Disc Priest. Perhaps for Disc Priests, it could heal the full amount if it heals the Priest. Or perhaps it could heal two allies instead of one, the way you can glyph Binding Heal so that it heals three instead of two. But just for PW:So, because doing it for all our damage spells would probably be overpowered.

I am suggesting this because Holy Priests gain more by replacing Holy Fire with PW:So, Disc Priests might be able to get something else in addition, to give us greater reason to consider it.

Because as it is, I adventure as a Disc Priest, and it's a no-brainer. Yes, saving the mana is nice, but it doesn't compare to having a powerhouse pet to increase my DPS, especially since I play on a PvP server. If I had my way, I'd switch to PW:So every time I went into a dungeon, then to Mindbender when I quest, but that's not very practical.
I think we are considering the use of this spell in different situations. I'm more concerned about its use in dungeons and raids, while you are more concerned about it in solo content.

It is actually, very practical to always be switching talents, and highly encouraged. Locking yourself into one set of talents for an entire raid, for example, is not usually good play. I'm also curious if you feel that you are running oom or the healing you receive from Atonement is insufficient. I only leveled a Disc Priest on beta via questing until 87 or so then ran dungeons until I couldn't take it anymore - and PW:So was nothing like its current incarnation is.

Alternatively, why not quest as Holy? I've heard that its much faster than Disc. I haven't personally tried it myself as I've found doing dailies as Disc to be adequate for me.

For what its worth, I would most likely use PW:So as Holy as the healing from it is rather nice. But if I were to be focusing on Holy DPS I would use Mindbender.
04/21/2013 03:58 PMPosted by Ashleycakez
I'm also curious if you feel that you are running oom or the healing you receive from Atonement is insufficient.

Hard to say. Maybe it's the tanks I'm used to dealing with. Maybe it's just the fact that this is the first character I've progressed beyond 85, so this is all new to me and I'm just not doing everything as I should be.

I think I will glyph Binding Heal. That would help me.

Sometimes, it goes like clockwork. I just PW:S as needed, and let my DPS bring people back up to full. Very seldom do I need any direct heals. Other times it seems like everyone's dying around me. And I'm resorting to spamming PoH. Most recent example was some dungeon with the Sha mobs in it. Kind of looked like the building where I found the Stormwind Prince Arduin. This spamming of PoH doesn't work very well, because the mana cost of doing that is prohibitive. I like to Inner Focus, Shell and PoH if I know a boss fight is coming up. Then PW:B when that wears off, if I need to, which I usually don't.

It could have something to do with the tank and his ability to hold threat. I expect the boss to dish out the AoEs, but this was common trash mobs.

Or maybe it's just me not knowing what's coming up. And not preparing properly. I once did the Super Shell, Inner Focus, PoH trick during a CD period which I didn't know about. And the CD took so long, that my Shell wore off by the time the fight started, but it was pretty easy.
It could be a combination of you not knowing what to expect from the encounters in addition to the players you are grouped with playing poorly or not knowing what to expect either.

I'll just say this: It does get better. If there is a well respected guild on your server, see if you can get an invite. Perhaps they have people leveling as well and would love to have you run 5 mans with them.

I'm not sure if you use some sort of boss mod timer, but Deadly Boss Mods would be great to employ in 5 mans. It shows timers of various abilities and warnings when some big ability is occurring. It can help you better predict when damage is going to ramp up.

I would also recommend Recount or Skada and reading over the Death information when someone dies. Maybe they stood in fire and took 100k ticks for 5 seconds and nothing you could have done healing-wise would have saved them (Leap of Faith is great in a situation like this!).

And if you want to see what is going on in regards to interrupts, I suggest using Big Brother. I prefer this version of it, myself: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info17375-BigBrotherNebEdition.html Just set it up to show interrupts and whatever you would like, and I would recommend you output the information to yourself. Having your tanks and dps on top of interrupts can really help with some damaging effects.

Of course if you already employ a decent range of addons you may already have this covered :)
I use no add ons, actually. Thanks for the recommendations. I will look into them.
I'd love to know if those helped you out. :)
Thank you for the tips. I will be trying some of them in this weeks raid.

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