Quick Reference: Pointers for Healing (6.2)

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I've been healing in holy spec since the beginning of time. I've never run into the problems I've been having with healing through the magic damage that I'm running into now. It's like I'm not even there in recount. Anyone else having these issues? And any suggestions?
Is your question in reference to 5 mans or raiding? Do you have logs (if you are referring to a raid)? Its difficult to see where the problem lies without them.
Updated for 5.3. I miss you Borrowed Time abuse :(
With the change to penance is it better to cast it on a friendly target now or is it still better as dps for atonement?
If direct healing is needed, use Penance as a friendly heal. If you are only dealing with light to moderate damage, and no one is in dire need of a heal, use it for Atonement.

Essentially the same rule as before.
Not a "WHICH IS MORE BETTER?!" question, but is holy inherently weaker than disc? I feel like I enjoy the holy playstyle a lot more, but if i'm just gimping myself I'll stick with disc.
unless the tank is a real tool and of late as a healer in random dungeons they are...deliberately over pulling to test their abilities and then running off to engage the next mass pull while you are desperately gulping mana water to recoup....and then having the gall to blame you when they die
Excellent tips guide my troll sistah! I've been raid healing and even though I don't top the charts *cough*Shammys*cough* I feel comfortable with my playstyle of choosing Holy over Disc. Even though I get a lot of crap for it. Let's see those other healers keep the raid alive post-mortem. lol Those precious seconds have come in very handy. I don't really see Holy being weaker, but Disc has more gear leniency. Like pointed out Disc mitigates damage, Holy puts a bandaid on it. It really comes down to personal preference and playstyle. Raiding with my guild I ran with a Disc priest and Shammy. As a team we have no trouble keeping the raid alive. That's the real power with healers, knowing what your other healers can do and using your class to the best of it's ability in coordination with them.

I haven't come across any trouble with being oom'ed in a raid fight, I also haven't set foot in SoO yet. We shall see. Your tips put things into a more understandable context and will surely help me enjoy my priest even more than I already do.
I recently started playing again and tried Disc on my priest, hoping it'd be better than in Cata...guess not. As excited as I was back in the day about being able to DPS to heal, I actually hate the Atonement mechanic now. Plus, Disc's ability to mitigate damage was nerfed into the ground by making PW:S a spell that you can only use sparingly. When you're using PoM, PoH, and GH a lot, Disc fails to be primarily about damage mitigation any more. Spirit Shell was Blizz trying to throw us a bone I guess, but I don't think it worked.

I recently switched to Holy and enjoy it much more now. Granted I'm only doing LFR at the moment, but trying to keep up with lots of raid-wide damage when people are standing in fire left and right in LFR isn't fun as Disc. Especially since PoH still has the awful mechanic of targeting only party members, making it almost useless when people are spread out.

Some people hated the shield-spamming days of WotLK, but I personally enjoyed it. Disc to me hasn't felt fun for the past two expansions, so I guess I'll be sticking with Holy for the foreseeable future...
At the top of the first post it says:

08/23/2012 07:35 PMPosted by Ashleycakez
For in-depth guides regarding talent, glyphs, enchants and other Discipline or Holy information, please check out -
Holy: howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1613
Discipline: howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1837

Please refer to these excellent resources for further information :)
Thanks for this. I stopped playing about a month after Cata so I have a high level priest and feel pretty overwhelmed. This was nice to find stickied :)
is disc really that OP or will raid groups still be liking holy priests?
It's nice to have at least one Disc in your group, but Holy will do for most groups. It really depends on your raid's needs and the needs of the encounter - and your Priest's skill. Don't force a good Holy to play a poor Disc just because you think it's better - it may set your group back a while until he learns the other spec.
Updated. Feel free to discuss the latest changes here, or anything to improve/better explain in the OP.
I've been enjoying Surge of Light lately as Disc....Does anybody else think it's worth it to stick with that talent or should I go back to Solace?
Its fine now because mana problems hardly exist (in my experience, at least). Leveling to 100, you may find yourself in need of the regen from Mindbender or PW:So.
11/03/2014 12:40 PMPosted by Ashleycakez
Its fine now because mana problems hardly exist (in my experience, at least). Leveling to 100, you may find yourself in need of the regen from Mindbender or PW:So.

Thanks! ^.^

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