<Encore> 8/8 HM Recruiting for Mists!

Current recruitment needs: 1 Tank (Prot Paladin or Monk Brewmaster Preferred) Other tank classes will be considered except for Blood DKs.

This is an immediate core slot for the rest of DS and into MoP. Also note that we are selling DS + H Rag weekly and are splitting the gold between the raiders which varies from anywhere between 15k - 25k a week per person.

Late Night Weekend Raiding Guild Friday/Saturday 10 pm server time - 2 am both nights

Encore is a progression raiding guild which formed in late Wrath. We raid two nights a week, four hours at a time. While you would expect raiders with such limited schedules not to progress you would be mistaken. We take our raiding very seriously and expect those who apply to do likewise.

Our raiders are 12/12HM in Wrath with BC and Vanilla raiding experience. We are currently pleased with our 10 man content progression and will stay that way. We encourage our raiders to gear both their main and off spec, and when time permits any alts of interest as this allows us to adapt composition to encounter mechanics as necessary.

As said, we raid two nights a week, Friday from 10:00pm to 2:00am Server (CST) and Saturdays from 10:00 Pm to 2:00 AM (CST). Loot is distributed through a Loot Council system. We have 0 tolerance for loot drama and expect our core raiders to understand that epic loot is a privilege, not a right.

When we're not raiding, we're typically hanging out on vent, running heroics, leveling alts or whatever else it is we feel like at the time. Many of our core are from other servers, and so some even hang out on vent while visiting friends else where in the game.

We are looking for players who have something to bring to the table besides, "i pwn". Be creative in your thinking, dedicated to your raiding, and have the intelligence and understanding to improve and adapt to a perpetually changing environment. We expect you to be able to respond to a challenge intelligently and not with "Elitist Jerks said to do it".

If you've done a lot of guild hopping, if you've been kicked out of raids or previous guilds, chances are you won't be getting in here, so don't waste our time or yours. While we maintain 'casual' raid hours, we don't have a casual attitude. We're looking for players who are going to be dedicated, determined, and not despair after a wipe.

**** Contact Information: Whisper or Mail in game: Sting or Puni. ****
Still looking for a solid tank. DS/Cata experience doesn't really matter at this point. MoP is in two weeks so if your a tank LF a weekend night raiding guild now is your last chance!

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