(A)Pax Imperia(Dath'remar)2/16HM need dps

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Pax Imperia is 10m raiding guild on Dath'remar. We raid Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon 7.30-10.00pm server time (GMT+10) .

We are now 6/6 through Mogu'shan Vaults , 6/6 HoF and 4/4 Terrace, 2/6HM MV

Current recruitment needs:

**We are always recruiting quality players, regardless of whether your class/spec is specifically listed.**

What we expect from you:
Mature, 18+
Stable attendance.
Good internet connection.
Know your class inside and out.
Raid awareness & research fights before raid.
Use vent and be able to communicate on it.
Come ready with consumables (although guild usually do provide flask n food).
Ensure gear is fully enchanted and gemmed.

If you are interested, contact myself or another member of the guild ingame for a chat, or alternatively, apply online @ paximperia.guildomatic.com
Now looking for warlocks and dps warrior.
Need a tank!
Still looking for a tank, pref non dk.
Still need 1 tank and 1 range dps!
Need OT and 2 dps!
Bump for recruitment needs.
Bumpy for 1 tank & some dps.
Still looking for good dps - warrior, ele shammy in high demand.
Need good warrior/rogue/pally/boomy/monk dps now!
still looking
Need more dps to keep downing the bosses. 4/6 HOF now
Need ele shammy/warrior/boomy.
4 new bosses down this week. Still need dps!
recruitment open for a good warrior dps.
Recruiting good dps - starting heroics this week.

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