To the owner of the LvL 9 BE Paladin Okazaki


I put this on here because its been impossible to try to contact you and this is probably a stretch as well. I am currently waiting to transfer to the horde side on Arthas to join my guild before pandaria and wish to keep my current name. I am trying to contact you to see if you would be kind enough to change your name. I realize this would be a pain to delete or change, especially if its a bank toon and I would be willing to compensate you for your troubles if you would contact me to see if you would be willing to do this. My name I'm using on the server is Zarizaki a lvl 1 tauren on arthas at the moment to contact you in game. Thank you for your time.
bump for anyone who might also know this person.
I'd suggest opening a GM ticket asking for the name. If the account is inactive or the character hasn't been logged into for an extended period of time, they'll free up the name for you. I've had it done for me several times. Good luck :D
already tried. Apparently they were active or not in-active long enough to change it. So here I am trying this method.
free bump/ can always add a special character to the name tho dude
This is what i did to get the name 'Kenpo' that was taken, you can submit a ticket and explain to the GM that it is a low level character an in-active, ask politely if he would remove the character with your wished name. I may be wrong, the GM who answered my ticket could have been in a good mood, because in my eyes, it doesn't seem like something Blizzard would do
I appreciate the bump. I really just really hate special characters in names though. I've also had this name for a long time. Blizzard does free up names if they are inactive and from what I can tell this person is in-active. However, if they've logged in even once in like 5 months or something ridiculous blizzard won't touch it from what i've seen. So I thought I would try to settle it with the player him or herself and make it easier, though I do have a ticket submitted.
As far as I'm aware, you can't have two characters of same name, doesn't matter of their faction.
correct. I stated in my post that I was switching to horde, not alliance.
wtf you stole my lowbies name
Xlord would you be the owner of the lvl 9 BE Paladin named Okazaki on the horde side of Arthas?
bump because it has been awhile and this post became buried.
I thought the druid now had the name Okazaki and that the thread was now useless.

Sorry I couldn't resist. Damn us biology nerds..
and yeah, i know the meaning behind okazaki, was one of the founding reasons i had the name for so long and wish to keep it on this server.
09/11/2012 01:41 PMPosted by Okarien
and yeah, i know the meaning behind okazaki, was one of the founding reasons i had the name for so long and wish to keep it on this server.

On another note. Why the heck did you uselessly bumbep this thread?

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