[A-PVE] <Archangel> Taking wing in Mists!

Moon Guard
You wander through a mist shrouded forest, your eyes adjust to the darkness of these forests, the dense trees seeming to hide things that glower at you from above, waiting to strike. Alone and fearful you begin to run forward, your breath picking up heavily as you move between the trees, a sudden urge pushing you further.

You stop for a moment to catch your breath, leaning against a large stone, when a golden object catches your eyes. A bright golden wisp lands in your hands, almost seeming to whisper to you as you bring it closer to your face trying to hear its whispers. "Guardian, protector, hero. " It whispers, you feel as though it's looking into your soul, you try to turn away from the small golden orb, but many more appear around you, dancing around expectantly. "There are many heroes in this world, there are many guardians and protectors, but you have seen many things, haven't you? Fought many battles. Why not stay...and become a legend."

Your body seems to tremble, every part of you is paralyzed, almost as if becoming frozen in time as the Mists seem to clear in a big flurry of wind, the wisps swirl and dance around you, before moving a bit away from you, large black wings flick towards you, disturbing the mists even more, light feet touch the ground as a hooded figure gowned in a white and golden robe lands, the golden wisps continue to dance and whisper around the figure.

Glowing eyes become apparent beneath the hood of the winged being and it holds its hand out to you as a gesture of offer. Join the elite, become an Archangel and take on the darkness of this world, to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and uphold honor, justice, and preserve the balance of our world. the wisps sing to you as the figure continues to hold its hand out to you. Will you accept his offer and earn your wings?
    Archangel is recruiting mature players of all race, level, and class to join our ranks for Mists of Pandaria!

What is Archangel?

  • Archangel is a level 23 light-medium casual raiding guild with a friendly atmosphere, seeking to add more members to our ranks in preparation for Mists of Pandaria Raiding, we have 7 bank tabs which are going to be filled as soon as possible, and we also can give out repairs to our raiders.

  • We have a set raiding group that plans on pushing into heroics ASAP in the upcoming expansion, in order to become top-tier raiding.

  • We're also a social guild, open to anyone and everyone as long as they are moderately mature and willing to be respectful towards their guildies and outside guilds.
  • What is Archangel looking for?

  • Archangel is currently looking for competent raiders, and back ups who are willing to be online on raid night despite the fact that they may not get a spot, just in case the real world decides to get in the way.

  • We're also open to people who just want to hang out, chat, and find common interests, We're also open to new and old players alike who are just wishing to find a guild to call home in Mists of Pandaria, as with any MMORPG, The game gets old when you're in a quiet guild
  • We're open to all forms of the game; Rp, PvP and PvEers are all welcome into our ranks.
  • Okay, that's great, but what's in it for me?

  • After a certain amount of time you'll earn a new rank, opening up many opportunities in the guild, and we also have a few officer positions open to those who seek to step up and become a leader.

  • We also have 7 bank tabs, and the Cashflow perk, meaning the more members, the more money, and the more money, the more events, give-aways, etc. can be possible!
  • What are the rules of the guild?
    Archangel is a Mature raiding guild, we are relaxed with our rules but we will enforce certain rules more harshly than others.

  • Language: We're relaxed when it comes to language, we don't mind it once in a while, but if certain words become every other word, you will be asked to stop.
  • Racial slurs: We have a wide variety of people within our guild, and although we haven't had issues, should a problem arise, we can, and will enforce that you be respectful towards another's race/color/heritage, on that, however, don't be offended by everything, if it's not done in a harmful or degrading way, then don't take offense. No need to be a killjoy

  • ERP and the Likeness: We don't care what you do, just keep it out of Gchat, and we do strongly enforce this. Likewise, we have younger members, and families, please, don't hit on people or send them random dirty tells, this will result in you being kicked, if the advance is unwanted, stop advancing, they're not interested.
  • Ventrilo: We do have a Ventrilo and all rules above apply, but more than that, our information is to only be shared with members of Archangel or people with special permission, there's always at least one officer in vent at all times, any violations of our rules will result in a kick from vent.
  • Loot Drama: Don't be a Loot monster, we are fair with our looting, and will not accept drama because you didn't get your way.

  • Our policies on kicking: We're not ones to kick someone for a first offence, we have a "Three strikes, you're out policy." First time you'll be asked by an officer to stop, second time you'll get a warning from the GM. Third time, you get kicked by either the GL or an Officer.
  • Raiding Information
    Our raid nights are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm server time (Central) to about 10st. (Depending on how fast we get with our number of bosses for the evening.)
    With the occasional old world raids on Saturday nights at 7pm Server.

    Raiding requirements
    In order to Raid you must meet all requirements:
    -You must be completely geared in heroic gear, this gear must also be gemmed and enchanted in order to bring in this character.
    -When you bring in a character, make sure that the toon that is raiding is absolutely the toon you want to gear up and raid with, we will not allow Alts in the beginning of our raiding sessions.
  • You must be comitted to coming every Tuesday and Thursday. We understand things come up, however, if you're going to miss a raid night due to work or family issues, unless it's an Emergency, send one of the raid leaders a tell/mail explaining what's going on.
  • Focus is key to our raiding, we are a progression guild, and as such will not accept unfocused stupidity, we're not -that- casual!
  • Thick skinned. We're tightening up on rules this time around, if we discover you're not doing something right, you will be told to correct yourself, if we have to repeat, you can and will be removed or be spoken to.
  • Looting Rules!
    Come Mists of Pandaria we're switching from Loot rolls to Loot council. For those who do not know what loot Council is, the three raid leaders will take whatever loot has dropped and put up a roll, this roll does not mean you won or not, it just tells us who's interested.
    From there, we discuss who the item should go to. This all depends on who's gotten what, performance during the fight and previous fights, and for special items (Such as Mounts, and Legendaries.) Who's been the most consistent in prior raid nights.

    On the subject of Legendaries, only one person may go for legendaries at one time. What does this mean, you might ask? This means that the leaders of the loot council will take a look at the DPS charts, Loot History, and general behavior in and outside of raids, Tanks and Healers will be unable to earn a legendary until all of the main DPSers have earned theirs. (Sorry healers.)

    Alt Policy
    Alts are only permitted if they are geared, gemmed, and enchanted to the best ability, and if the spot is open. Tank and Healer slots are almost always full, however, if a tank agrees to bring in their own DPS alt should it be geared and enchanted, you may be able to tank as long as you're adhering to the gearing rule.
    The Future of Archangel
    Although our main focus is for raiding, we also plan on trying to create events in the future in all aspects of the game.
    We're currently in the process of planning a couple server wide events in order to get the Moon Guard community back together and have some fun with it, because well, it's a game, and as a community, Moon Guard has some of the best, and funniest players out there!

  • PvP events!
  • We're planning on hosting an Gladiator style arena event, this would be held within one of WoW's many arenas, this would be open to all levels and classes, and you would be paired with someone who matches your gear level and skill, until the last round, winner would receive something special, such as gold or a rare mount.

  • RP events!
  • Along side the Arena Event, we figured hey! It's an Rp server, let's add something fun for them! The Arena Event can become a large spectated event, and can include Rp vendors, watchers, betters, and perhaps some other fun things!

  • PvE events!
  • We understand not everyone's into RP or PvP so we're also thinking about hosting old-world transmog raids, or even, for laughs, naked raids, because, I mean, who doesn't want to raid 25man Uld or ICC in their undies!

  • Misc. events!
  • These are for those who really don't want to do things like exampled above, these events range from Large games of Hide-and-seek to level one Priest cross Azeroth races to pet battle tourniments. These are some of the little things we are planning.
    What do we need for these exciting events?!
    Events take people, and whether they're in-guild or not (Though we prefer you to be in the guild with us) We can always use help in many ways, such as promoters, gatherers, and those with a bit of coin, willing to help with prizes.
    What are the Ranks?
    Our ranking system is rather simple.

  • Rank 1: Justicar
  • This is the Guild Leader's rank.

  • Rank 2: Head Adviser
  • This is the Co-Gm Spot, there are three Co-Gm's respect them, and you'll be fine.

  • Rank 3: Adviser
  • These are officers, Respect them as well, because they also have the ability to kick and command the guild in the absence of the Co-gm's or the Leader.

  • Rank 4: Curator
  • These are officer alts, and people who are potentials for becoming an Adviser, they're able to invite people into the guild.

  • Rank 5: Chaplain
  • These are the people who are working their way up in ranks, they have helped the guild in some way, shape or form, and have earned their right to be at this rank.
  • Rank 6: Acolyte.
  • These people have been in the guild for a little while, they've learned the rules, and have agreed to follow them.

  • Rank 7: MIA
  • These are people who have disappeared for longer than 2 months, after 4 they will be removed.

  • Rank 8: Acolyte
  • This is the trial period for all new members, you will have 3 weeks of this rank, and if you stay long enough, by the 3rd week you will become a true member of Archangel.

    What happens if I break rules?
    As stated previously, you have three strikes, First strike is being asked to stop, second strike, you'll be spoken to by the GM, and you will lose your current ranking, if you're already an Acolyte, You will be removed from the guild.
    "Do you have a guild website?"
    Yes! We do!
    Couple questions. Are you recruiting for full-time spots or just back ups? Also, I didn't see a website or anything. Where would someone apply if they were interested?
    08/25/2012 03:33 PMPosted by Admission
    Couple questions. Are you recruiting for full-time spots or just back ups? Also, I didn't see a website or anything. Where would someone apply if they were interested?

    We do have a website it's http://archangelofmoonguard.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=269402
    And we're really only looking for back-ups, however,with attendance, we're expecting to lose a few people come launch.

    And you can also apply Via request page in game, too, we check it frequently.
    Very well written Kimbly, that RP bit at the top kind of surprised me. Didn't know you still had it in you. :P

    Either way, for those curious raids start 1 week after MoP releases, this gives enough time to gear up in heroics etc before the "gated" raids open. Also, well. Vault opens!

    This may change as Vault will open quicker than the other raids.

    Shameless bump? Of course.
    Guys, most importantly, do you have a tabard?
    08/26/2012 10:52 AMPosted by Mcsars
    Guys, most importantly, do you have a tabard?


    but no, really. Just as almost every other guild out there, we have one.

    I'm glad that's what really matters to you. :)
    08/26/2012 10:52 AMPosted by Mcsars
    Guys, most importantly, do you have a tabard?

    Why would we need a tabard, they're lame. :P What do you think, smart guy? :P
    Yet another shameless bump.

    We need decent players! Raiders even who are interested in not only raiding but having fun on vent at the same time. Since...let's be honest. Unless you enjoy those you raid with. Those other people can make up 9 extra raid bosses.

    God that was horrible.

    Currently looking for a ranged dps.

    Others are welcome as well! Don't be afraid to give us a shot or test your chances, we could always use people who don't expect a 100% raid spot, more of a backup. :)
    Under new management...Kind of, Same person, different class, we're really looking to boost our ranks! Check us out! Talk to our members, we're even pet friendly! C'mon folks! Give us a shot! Come mists, you won't be disappointed!
    We're now level 12!! :D
    Bumping yet again.

    Still recruiting our last few spots for our 10 man core:

    Need a ranged dps yet again, excluding hunters.

    Also need a Priest. MS Shadow/OS heals.

    Will be setting foot back into vaults with a more secure team tomorrow! Any interested feel free to contact me here, or in game.
    Another bump, We've hit level 23, and are currently near level 24!
    I'm very interested in this guild.

    I will be contacting somebody sometime soon!

    Like.. now. :P

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