(A)<Palindrome> recruiting laid back players

Time-zone: PDT
Raid Times: Fri/Sat 4:30pm PDT (7:30pm Server)
Structure: 10 man, casual
Website: http://palindrome.shivtr.com

We're a small west coast guild based on the Stormrage server, Alliance side, and looking to add a few more to our roster. At the moment we're a social guild but aim to be a casual 10man guild in Mists. We're currently recruiting to form our team.
We're looking for players who want an easy-going, friendly environment but are capable of focusing during progression. And while previous game/raid experience is a bonus, it is not a requirement.

With MoP now live, we're welcoming all classes/levels as people make monks or change to a new class. You are more than welcome to join on a new lowbie that you'd like to raid with. Socials are always welcome.
Guild repairs are enabled for members, we have a small Mumble server and we often run old content for transmog/mounts/achievements though that will take a minor role next week with leveling being the priority.

If Palindrome sounds like a place you'd like to be, check out the site for more info, to apply, or whisper anyone in-game if you have a question. You can add me to RealID: lestupidfrog@aol.com or you can e-mail me directly: shiftinggoddess@gmail.com.
Still recruiting and we're in discussion about future raid times/days. We're west coast players mostly, if that helps applicants. :)
We're still looking for friendly, laid back players. Still a small social guild at present. :)
We're still looking for a few new members to fill these roles in our 10man raid group for MoP. You can be 85 or in the process of leveling for those interested.

-Another solid healer.
-Another solid tank
-3 more DPS, one with a well tailored healing off set/spec and one with a well tailored tanking off set/spec.

More info can be found on our website listed in the first post.
For lack of a better post... "bump"
Just another bump. We're still recruiting. :P
Le bump.
Still recruiting.
Yep, still open to recruits. :B
Le bump!
Still recruiting and just hit glvl 9. :P
Gogo monks!
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Ding, guild just hit level 11. :P

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