<Eon> is now openly recruiting for Mists

Burning Legion
As of right now, the server is starting to repopulate and in just a few weeks it will be flourishing as we anticipate the arrival of the new expansion. During this time the new talents will be unveiled and preparation for progression will commence.

Our aspirations for the new teir in MoP are realistic. Top 5 on server, as well as a benchmark in the US ranks. This teir previous was in no means the extent of the caliber of players we obtained through the end of this teir.

So to get down to business, We're recruiting but not limited to the following roles:

-A tank with knowledge to the fullest extent of the class, will be tanking primarily in MoP
-One tank with a complementary dps offspec that can be played to par with our dps
-any exceptional dps with prior progression experience and extreme knowledge of their class
-a resto druid/holy paladin ; logs will be required, and a trial will be administered

We plan on running two groups both will have the following raid days and times:
-Tuesday 8pm-11pm server
-Wednesday 8pm-11pm server
-Thursday 8pm-11pm server

*Note server is Central Time Zone

We finished 7th on the server in terms of progression, Heroic Spine was killed with a partial pug for the first time at 15% which is considered our most prestigious kill up to this point.

-t11 achievements and hardmodes cleared
-t12 achievements and hardmodes cleared
-t13 achievements and hardmodes cleared

If you have any questions feel free to send me in-game mail, or catch myself, Grandissimo, or Athari online at any point in time. We'll all be able to help you accordingly. Thanks!
im pretty chill. Hit me up.

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