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Socials welcome too! Level your panda monk with level 25 guild perks!
where can i apply for a 25man slot?
You can apply on our enjin website: http://dip.enjin.com/join
gogo app asap!! plenty of raider spots open for MoP. We have a great group of people here looking to push content hard on a shorter raiding schedule!
the application doesnt appear to be working. it won't let me add a character.
We just switched to enjin and are still working out the kinks...we will look into it. Thanks for letting us know!
I just did some checking, the website appears to be Working As Intended©

Feel free to contact me in game and we can see if we can figure things out.

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application sent!
Good time to get in as the guild's core is just starting to gel and we're getting ready for MoP.
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BIS or GTFO!!!!
Keep the apps comin :)
Some spots still open for 25s raiding in MoP, would love to see some new faces!
^ that
<--- Best mogg ever!
^^ true
best mogg ever huh? Really? With your little orange pigsticker lol
You guys wouldn't happen to be able to teach me how to stop being drunk in public?
Simple! Buy an extra 6 pack and then you'll be smashed in public :)

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