(H) WTB 504 Heavy Junkboxes

I'm currently farming Heavy Junkboxes for Insane title and I want to speed it up by buying 504 of them for 15 g each. Because of classes starting again I wont be on as much so please send me in-game mail to confirm order and post here as well to keep track.
If you are selling, please C.O.D them to me for 180g (12*15g) per mail for a total of 7560g (42*12*15g) after all 504 have been sent. I might buy some more after order, if I'm close to reaching Exalted.

Do you still need help with this?
Yes, but I dont need as much as before. I need 260 or less. I'm willing to pay for the rest if you have them though.
I don't have any but I'd be more than happy to farm them up for you tomorrow. Should have them to you late evening. Let me know if that sounds appealing.
Yes, that works with me. If you can, C.O.D them to me please. For 260 at 15 g each it should be 3900 g in total. Also thanks for the work~

Can I know on who you'll be sending the boxes from?
Hey Jigzy, old pal, if you want to keep going after you finish farming for Knifewolf here, I'd pay the same rate for any extras you farm up. I've had everything but Ravenholdt capped since Wrath (including Shen'dralar) and have never been able to force myself to farm up the junkboxes to get the Insane title.
Well hello there bossman!! Haha and of course. :)
Can you please post here once you've sent the Heavy Junkboxes?
Jigzsaw, Since I didn't get a response from you and its been longer then expected. I'll just farm the rest myself. So don't worry about farming the boxes for me anymore.

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