Patch 5.0.4 and Mists of Pandaria Performance

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So, 5.0.4 is coming soon and many changes have been done to the client. If you haven’t upgraded your graphics card recently, chances are that the content in Mists of Pandaria may tax your computer more than what you are used to in Cataclysm. Overall we would like players to have the best possible experience on their journey through Pandaria. We’ve tried to our best to come up with reasonable default settings by detecting your system components, but if you want to manually tweak your settings for optimal performance, we recommend the following approach to increase performance whilst maintaining the highest visual fidelity:

MoP Performance Checklist … or … you’ve been bold and set everything to Ultra and want things to be faster:
• Disable Vertical Sync. Vertical Sync means the game will try to present frames matching the refresh rate of your monitor. This is usually 60 Hz, so the maximum framerate you will get is 60 FPS. If the game just gets a little bit slower than 60 FPS, it will drop to 30 FPS. Unless you are extremely sensitive to screen tearing or have a very high-end graphics card we recommend to disable this feature.
• Disable multisampling, especially if you are running at a larger resolution (1600 x 1200 and up) and your graphics card is not very recent
• Reduce the SSAO setting or fully disable it, especially if you are running at a larger resolution and/or have an older/weaker graphics card
• Set Shadow Quality to High
• Set Liquid Detail to Good (Ultra causes a lot of the terrain and buildings to get rendered multiple times for reflections when the ocean is visible)
• Reduce Ground Clutter *
• Decrease View Distance *
• Reduce Texture Resolution *

* These settings have the biggest visual impact

If you have a PC with 32-bit Windows and less than 4 GB of RAM:
• Reduce your view distance and/or texture quality settings

If you have a graphics card that has less than 512 MB of RAM:
• Running at Ultra settings may cause video memory to thrash (especially in areas with high player population)
• Reduce View Distance
• Try playing at a lower screen resolution
• Reduce your Texture Resolution settings

While we love AddOns and actively support their development, they can cause additional performance overhead and use up valuable system resources such as memory. We do not mean to discourage players from running AddOns, but if you are running on a system with somewhat constrained resources (like a 32-bit OS with less than 4 GB of RAM) we recommend that you keep an eye on overall AddOn memory usage. Also, if you experience abnormal slowdowns during times of heavy player activity (like a raid boss fight), try disabling a few non-critical AddOns and see if the slowdowns persist.

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