Fire or arcane best dps spec 5.0.4?

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Just wondering which is better?
Can't tell as recount isn't working yet..
Imagine if it's Frost. How blown will your mind be? ;o
It isn't frost :(
Everyone is saying frost, so I'm giving it a shot. Seems pretty good so far.
08/28/2012 04:43 PMPosted by Caileron
It isn't frost :(

Translation: Pretty f*ckin' blown.

08/28/2012 04:45 PMPosted by Avynn
Everyone is saying frost, so I'm giving it a shot. Seems pretty good so far.

Hoping someone up there hear you
the frost attack rotation in pvp was always very clunky to me. if it is frost i hope they fixed it. but the info i've been hearing a lot on the web and in game is its gonna be arcane. Dont fear though! arcane is a different beast now. I just learned the attack rotation via the website and theres a LOT more to it now. Ive been using it against the level 85 dummie in SW and having a lot of fun with it. So it should be good for MoP.

Everyone always uses the word "viable". "frost is viable, herp", "fire is viable, derp". What that means is its poop. There is always one spec that is better than the others and any serous mage or raider of any class are gonna be that. until blizz changes it in another patch. In cata at first it was fire, then it changed to arcane, then back to fire. if your raiding as arcane right now you fail. you should be fire. and what i'm hearing is its gonna be arcane for the begining at least in MoP.

That said i would like to have a new spec to play as. frost might be fun. but if its gonna be fire and arcane back and forth as usual, i dont care, whatevs.
You'd be right about "any serious raider" if we were all automatons that followed everything elitist jerks says. Some of us are here to have fun, and play fire mages because it's more fun to burn stuff!
To put things into perspective: at level 90, in T14H gear, the difference between the three specs is simming within a total range of less than 2%, with total DPS numbers in the 125k - 130k area. My impression from dev discussion is that Blizzard's internal models put the specs even closer than that, and a good chunk of that 2% is caused by differences in the set bonus values. Their real-use data — logs from raid testing in beta — also shows the three specs performing very competitively with each other.

T14N results are similarly tightly grouped.

Things may be different for the next few weeks, but at level 90, the performance of the three specs is so close that it's simply absurd to talk about there being a "best" spec. Human error and RNG will completely obscure the tiny difference inherent to the specs themselves. There will always be specific encounters that play more to the strengths of one spec than another, but even those differences should be quite a bit smaller than they used to be.

In short: given the choice between five minutes spent discussing on a forum which spec you should be using, and spending those five minutes honing your skills with the spec you enjoy the most, I think most players would find the latter option produces better results.
Arcane is weak at the moment because it relies on T90 talents. Frost and Fire are both very strong, with fire getting the edge from my own dummy testing. Both are better than anything we had pre-patch, so going with either will put you at an advantage in DS.
Is arcane really that bad right now what with mana regen being absurd? Couldn't you just spam Arcane Blast non stop?

(Real question, I went fire/frost.)
All damage against other players is reduced by 40% now, so no, arcane didn't get a 50% nerf. Every palyer got a 40% PvP nerf.
Tried raiding first 4 bosses in heroic DS10 last night as arcane.

For the first 3 bosses I didn't really know what I was doing so my rotation was probably less than optimal. Results were ok... but nothing spectacular. I came in anywhere from 2nd to 4th on the meter.

I finally figured out a better rotation for 5th boss, but we were unable to down him since the new version of DBM doesn't include the modules for cataclysm bosses so people were getting hit with Fading Lights and dying.

Optimum rotation seems to be put up Nether Tempest, cast 6xAB, then cast 2xAM, then ABar, then repeat. Tried both the armor that gives haste and the one that gives mastery. The mastery one seems better.

Also it seems like trying to have a "burn phase" like pre-patch didn't work well. Instead it seems like AP should just be blown on cooldown and at no point should you just spam AB. Arcane now feels sorta like fire in that there's just one phase.

Arcane's single target dps feels very second-tier now. Behind hunters, warlocks and warriors. However, arcane is very cleavey now and still does great on trash.

Hardest hitting arcane attack now seems to be arcane barrage, which I saw crit during the raid for 168k. Still, this pales in comparison to other classes. I saw a destro warlock critting with chaos bolt for 200k... while wearing full pvp gear and fighting the target dummy. During the raid one of the warriors was also getting 600k executes.

Against the 3 target dummy my unbuffed arcane dps was around 29k. Later that night, I tried fire spec on the dummy... results were impressive.... 42k sustained dps on the 3 target dummy and mana never seemed to drop below 100%. I suspect fire spec is probably the way to go for raiding the next few weeks.
Is arcane really that bad right now what with mana regen being absurd? Couldn't you just spam Arcane Blast non stop?

(Real question, I went fire/frost.)

No. mana is capped at 100k, and with 6 stacks, each arcane blast costs something like 15k. Once you get to full-stack, continued spamming of arcane blast will drain you in seconds.

With the high regen, you can get back up to full fairly quickly, but it will still take around 30 seconds of ultra-low dps casting to get there if evocation isn't off cooldown.
I tried both fire and arcane yesterday, and sad to say, I'm having trouble with the fire mechanic, and picked up the arcane one easily. I have been fire ever since I hit top level in Wrath, and am disappointed in how confusing it is, not to mention it feels clunky to me. Arcane was smoother yesterday than I thought it would be. I want to stay fire, had always loved it over the other two specs (I dislike frost, won't even play it in pvp). I'm not loving this 'guaranteed crit to force pyro' idea. Doesn't feel as free flowing as it was. (Yes, I actually loved the RNG in Cata)

I think I might need some help here, because I would love to stay a fire mage. Anyone know what I could be doing wrong? (I'm not even sure if I'm gemming right either, seeing as how things have changed :( )

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