Tempest Keep Kael'thas bugged Phase 4 & 5

Bug Report
When fighting the Kael'thas encounter in Tempest Keep 2 of his abilities are not functioning properly.

In Phase 4, when Kael'thas becomes active he's able to mind control 1 player if that player is the only 1 remaining, weapon proc pets(Gur'thalak) are being counted as other players which results in Kael he targeting the single player and mind controlling which resets the encounter.

In Phase 5, after Kael'thas casts gravity lapse the Nether Vapor(Deals 875 to 1125 Shadow damage and decreases the health of all enemies within the cloud by 10% for 1 min.) does not go away as its supposed to, in addition if you wipe after this point the nether vapor does not go away, forcing a hard reset of the instance does reset it.

Steps to reproduce bugs:

Reach phase 4, have a weapon proc out while he attempts to mind control.

Reach phase 5, wait for Gravity Lapse and observe the Nether Vapor staying there, even if you wipe.
same problem here!
I have been talking to people who are also reporting several bugs with other bosses (First boss in end time, Dreamwalker in ICC and I also am saying onyxia because I got my bear butt kicked harder than ever before)

I posted this in the beta bugs for whatever reason. Too tired.

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