[Bug] Tempest Keep: The eye, Kaelthas bugged

Bug Report
09/03/2012 03:12 PMPosted by Solarus
Yes, but as of 4.3.4, Word of Glory did trigger it. Was farming him almost weekly with no issue. Now, there is issues.

Ah, I see. I did not know that!

I'll be going back in today or tomorrow to check on the status of these bugs.
Gravity well sometimes not catching you was around but still is bugged.

Nether Vapor not despawning is new and I've experienced it as well.

Funny story - my brother and I both went in this week and died to the Nether Vapor debuff, and when we ran back and they hadn't despawned we had to reset the instance and clear trash again. We ended up killing the boss and the mount dropped! :)
I tend to clear A'lar (and sometimes Void Reaver if I'm feeling destructive/frustrated by Kael) so if the Nether Vapors stick...I'm stuck waiting. XD;
Kael'thas also bugged for me as a demo warlock. Any pets including Wild Imps that proc from primary spells would cause mass mind control and despawning.
Nether Vapor bug is still there. Please fix this asap... I know TK isn't a priority but this is a nasty bug
Nether Vapors indeed still present. Still dropping me on Gravity Lapse cast.
09/05/2012 06:22 AMPosted by Ziarre
Nether Vapors indeed still present. Still dropping me on Gravity Lapse cast.

Gravity Lapse has been a bug since at least 4.2 (not sure if earlier, I hadn't started trying since then). That one bug, I could live with, just try and get somewhere with a lower ceiling :D
Why they keep ignoring this =/
I'm mostly mentioning Gravity Lapse for completeness, since...well, maybe they can fix it along with Nether Vapors? Maybe? One can hope, anyways!
The weapons for me were all doubled. Although they share the same hit box there would be two staffs two bows an so on. My multi-shot animation would go to both weapons but only one damage attack would occur. The staff kept coming unequipped as well then just vanished mid fight.
This still not fixed?

You can fix Rag mount in a couple hours on a holiday weekend but you can't fix this in 2 weeks?

Seriously, blizzard only cares to fix the bugs that help people. It already costs more to repair your gear after running this instance than you get back from the drops. You need to go ahead and fix this which makes it cost even more.
Kael'thas was bugged for my group last night. As my friend and guildie put it, 'Tempest Keep WAS a setback.'

First add phase, no problem.

Weapon phase: no problem, but I did notice the doubling up of weapons mentioned above.

Third add phase: no real problems that I noticed.

Fourth phase, Kael goes active: everything going smoothly, then bam, mind control. Whole group got controlled. No one did anything, obviously, the entire raid group just standing there, occasionally casting a buff. Mind control wears off, we're active for about 1 second, then another mind control. Wears off, mind control, Kael despawns.

We drop all pets (hunter and lock), healer goes shadow, we bring in 2 more DPS, same situation. As soon as Kael went active, he'd mind control, and keep us basically locked in mind control until he despawns.
Couldn't get the boss past 60% while 2manning it due to MC on me and killing my blood worms then resetting.
Also Gravity Lapse will cause you to die to fall damage, I found you could live do to spamming the space bar, sometimes I'll take massive fall damage sometimes I don't, it's random.
Big problem I have been facing is the MC issue.

I run this every week with me (Enhancement shaman), A Blood DK and a BM hunter. We are unable to use ANY pets and our DK either has to go frost or not DPS as if we even use my Ghost Wolves all three of us become MC'd and it resets the encounter. It reset for us 6 times this week. This was not an issue before 5.0.4.
09/06/2012 03:03 AMPosted by Sliceurface
Couldn't get the boss past 60% while 2manning it due to MC on me and killing my blood worms then resetting.

As I stated earlier, 2man is more than doable because MC seems to not work without LoS. We had one person in Al'ar's room just before the hallway heading to Reaver, and me standing in the hallway itself close to the turn from it towards Kael's room.

It takes a bit longer due to one person DPSing at a time and disorients, but it's totally worth it.
Confirmed the following issues.

1: Nether Vapors does not reset after a failed attempt.
2: Nether Vapors does not reset after Kael is killed.
3: Mind Control Bug:- 5 raid members. We had 4-5 attempts reset due to Mind Control being casted on ALL 5 of us at the same time.
4: Infinity Blade doesn't seem to remove Mind Control. Had 2 x dagger users stabbing their face off a MC'ed target.. MC doesn't go off.
4: Blood Worms triggers Mind Control.
Okay bliz,

Just put the instance back to how it was, gold and all.

You ever hear "if it aint broke dont fix it"?

Edit: You were to worried about people having fun and getting a little gold on the side. That crap is fixed with inflation not micromanagement of old raid drops.
Going to have to agree with Ruid here. The amount of golds gained is a drop in the bucket and generally covers your repair bill from being smacked a lot running through lol. I really don't understand how there are SO many bugs for things that didn't need meddling with. Targeting bug, teleported to GY bug, this bug, all the ICC bugs, the DS bugs, the looting bug, the bare butts bug.. Gosh I can't even remember them all that's how many there are lol.

I used to RUN an MMO, granted much smaller scale than this. The only time bugs came up is when I messed with some code but I don't understand why anything beyond the drop code would need to be meddled with.

I am unsure as well if it is only outlands instances since I have yet to go to any other old world instances but myself and others find ourselves teleported to the graveyard when walking in many times. Seen this reported by a few other people too.

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