[Bug] Tempest Keep: The eye, Kaelthas bugged

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Interesting how a level 70 raid could possibly be affected by new changes.

On p4 my pet changed to assist even though I always make sure to set it to passive so it follows me away from the nether vapor (I didn't notice at first and it ended up wiping me). Thaladred seems to be walking faster now too. Being a level higher, it now seems harder than when I did it at 85 which is odd. I'm getting disoriented a lot more.

Just admit you put bugs in to make it harder to solo. Wouldn't want everyone to have Al'ar, right?
09/20/2012 09:55 AMPosted by Fusrodahh
Did Kael'thas again, and I'm still getting disoriented by the mage while using the staff. At least it prevents stuns.

Did him last night and the staff still doesn't prevent the disorient.
Alright, this is another issue with the Kael fight, but I am being constantly Mind Controlled during the fight with him. I'm soloing him as enhance, and I could do it before, but now I think my totems count as people. Because of this, I get mind controlled. A lot. And every time I do, the encounter resets. After 14 minutes of kiting advisors around the raid, this kind of sucks. I get MC'd with my wolves out, I get MC'd with them not around, so I'm pretty sure it's the totem. I kinda need those to not die. :(

EDIT: to clarify, "before" means "before 5.04."
Just to contribute, myself (Warlock), my girlfriend (Hunter), and a guildie cleric tried to do this together a while back and experienced the same issues. It seemed we were all "stunned" at the same time (the mind control everyone is talking about, I assume) but the pets continued to fight briefly. The pets were destroyed, and once that happened, KT reset himself to the start of the fight....seemingly detecting no remaining opponents.

I'd love someone capable of soloing this a bit more to report back if today's patch fixes this! If not I'm going to try contacting a GM and seeing if I can get the item we need added to our inventory...its holding our questing back!

Oh. And we did contact a GM about this issue in game and they were kind enough to let us know that KT was being difficult and not listening to them as of late, so its definitely a known issue (as already stated on this forum post).
Anyone hear anything on if this raid is working again or not?
Seems to be fine to me, chaps. I solo'd Kael'thas earlier today. As a priest. No more begging for people to help me, hurrah!
Hi and sorry to bother, I am a noob so I need to ask, I am trying to get into the eye and serpentshrine cavern but I am unable to do so.

The serpentine cavern has a waterfall I cannot get through and regarding the eye, I do go through the entrance but nothing happens it's like i just hit a wall.

Could someone please shed some light on how to get in?

Thank you very much in advance!
Anddria that sounds like a bug.. it's been working lately for me. What used to happen is getting ported to a graveyard when trying to enter.

And I just need to know why this level 70 raid was obviously stealth buffed. Why it was easier to solo at 85 than now. Why remote toy stuns nearly EVERY second. Why Kael disorients more often. Was this really necessary? Buffing a level 70 raid for WHATEVER reason. It can still easily be soloed but don't try to hide it was buffed. I don't know if that's intentional or a bug..
Works fine for me just kill slowly and wait the phases out.....
This is not related to Nether Vapor but is related to Kael'thas resetting after the MC phase (Patch 5.1.0). After 3 attempts duo'ing Kael'thas on 25man heroic, he reset every time right after the MC phase even if both players were still alive. I reported this to a GM and he directed me here. I then went back in and solo'ed him. When I used my Mirror images on that phase, it activated the MC mechanic, which lead to a reset. Finally I tried again solo without MI and he was an easy kill. In summary: The Kael'thas reset bug seems to only happen once he has successfully MC'd something. Soloing him, without pets or other MC targets and you may have a better chance of success.
The Staff of Disintegration buff is not stopping any of the CC yet. Its still bugged. Tried it today and got pwnd by the CC (Stun, Disorient, Fear, Disorient, Stun, Fear, Disorient) one after another after another after another til deaded.

Blizzard to fix please. kkthx

Works fine for me. The staff of disintegration needs to be clicked to apply the buff. It prevents all CC except fear. Thus, Sanguinar can still fear you. Kill him first.

It makes you immune to the conflagration, remote toy, and silence.
No this is still waay buggy. Equipping the staff works occasionally but not consistently. Pissing me off royally since tough to survive perma-cc while soloing.
This raid is still bugged, and bugged bad. The staff still does nothing, and even if you make it through that phase to fight Kael he will randomly despawn once he gets down to about 40%. I've been trying to solo this off and on for about six months. Getting to Kael isn't that hard despite the CC, but having the encounter end and reset over and over is just ridiculous!
Yo Blizzard why do you want to waste peoples time with despawns and bugs on this encounter?
Still bugged (for blood at least)...boss reset when I became mc'd due to bloodworms. I suppose I'll be able to do the encounter as frost when I get to 90...hopefully.

This raid is still bugged, and bugged bad. The staff still does nothing, and even if you make it through that phase to fight Kael he will randomly despawn once he gets down to about 40%. I've been trying to solo this off and on for about six months. Getting to Kael isn't that hard despite the CC, but having the encounter end and reset over and over is just ridiculous!

Staff works for me, I solo TK on my balance druid. Remember it is a USE effect so you have to actually click on the weapon (by that I mean, put it on your action bar + click, or click on it on your character sheet, etc) in order to benefit from the staff's immune effects.
So, I've read through all of these posts, and it would seem that the issues still haven't been fixed. My first run of this encounter had no problems, was able to use my pet and work through the mc, however after the most recent patch its become very apparent, that was a fluke. Every week I attempt to do this fight, and it restarts without fail, I've tried everything from LoS to pet-less.... After the 5-6th attempt /ragequit is initiated
Kael himself is still bugged. I ran it as a solo Surv hunter with no problems until MC phase. He despawned after he mind controlled me.
I got some assistance from my guild mates and we went back to take him down en mass.
First time around, he mind controlled 2 of us and then despawned once we killed the 3rd, a level 70 hunter who was along for loot.
Second time around he became stuck in his 60% phase when he lifts off the ground and starts to glow. He would stay like this for another 10 minutes, following our Paladin friend around. From what I can tell, Kael became stuck on the aggro of the paladin but couldn't proceed to his next step.
While funny, it was not fun for all and felt like a waste of time. Ended up going from a quick guild raid before larger runs to not doing anything and 3 people quitting for the night.
For those of you complaining about the staff... equip it, open your character pane and right click it.

You should get a 15 minute buff.

If you do not get the buff from the staff, you will get cc'd to high hell by remote toy and conflagration.

There is no animation that I'm aware of on the buff, and i don't recall it triggering the global cd. There is nothing that would indicate to you it works unless you're paying attention to your auras. It shows on ElvUI's temp buff tracking aura bars.

He will mind control you if you have a pet out. If you have friends with you. The "pet" includes but is not limited to:

Mirror Image
Earth/fire elemental
Feral Spirit
DK Ghouls
Hunter pets
Warlock pets

Not sure if you can still LOS it or not. I just dismiss my pet and try again.

Edit: If you're having trouble during the nether vortex phase, try slowing down the next time.

This boss is heavily scripted and blowing him to all hell fast can bug the script out. I've had it happen on various bosses before. Not pleasant.

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