[BUG] Mage Sound Loop

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Hey I have found that while playing my mage after the patch i am getting some very annoying sounds that get stuck looping...

For frost i have had the frost bomb cast sound loop

For Arc i have had the arcane blast cast sound loop

The only thing that fixes it is logging out then back in. /reload does not fix it....
I am getting the same thing as a Destro Lock. Sounds like I'm constantly standing next to a fire. /reload also does not fix this. Only a relog will. It can get quite annoying at times.
I am having the same (quite annoying) sound loop from Nether Tempest.
Frost bomb causes a sound loop just about every time I cast it. It doesn't quit it until I exit the game. This is really, really annoying.
Me too blizzard "Frost Bomb" endless sound loop.

Only way to shut it off is to either log out or go in sound settings and change an option that resets the h/w.
same here there are others posting in the beta forums which should be posted here


wish they would acknowledge its a known issue
This happens for me only with the spell Nether Tempest. I've never had the issue in any other mage spec, and only when using Nether Tempest.

I've found that teleporting to a different continent works to get the sound to stop.

There's nothing to acknowledge. It's obviously a bug, that will be fixed at some point.
Destro Lock, Fire Sound, and Mage Arcane Blast sound stuck in loop. Reload does not fix. Logout does not fix. The only thing that does is to completely exit out, and reopen a new game client.
yeah i tried frost bomb , nether tempest and living bomb. it occurs when clicking either frost bomb or nether tempest while its on cd. living bomb does not cause this issue im assuming its because the other 2 are new.
I can't hear any of my spells casting anymore Music and Ambience are all im getting with all 4 of my vloume bars to the max. Or if I do hear it cast it is extremely faint.
Getting this issue with Nether Tempest as well, it's especially annoying since /reload does not fix it. :(

edit: Also it's one of the most annoying sounds to have going continuously.
Word, I had to relog to fix it. I believe my Mirror Images set it off.
Annoying bug that I've noticed on my multiple mages. Seems Nether Tempest sets it off.
For me, it's the Water Elemental casting sound that won't stop.

Many others reported same issue here : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6471037109
If you switch the # of sound channels using, this will reset the sound. Chances are though it will start again within 1-2 rounds of combat. Damnit Blizzard, let us know what we can do!
08/30/2012 06:33 AMPosted by Mute
I am having the same (quite annoying) sound loop from Nether Tempest.

Same here with Nether Tempest.
I think I have a work-around. I'm on a Mac, so Windows users do what you have to. In the main World of Warcraft folder, add a folder titled "Sound" (no quotes, obviously.) In the "Sound" folder create a folder titled "Spells". In the "Spells" folder, make a blank plain text file (I used TextEdit), and title it "PreCastMageLow.ogg" You want the file's extension to be .ogg, not .txt. That's it. You don't have to poke around in the .MPQ files or anything like that. Wow, what difference in quality of game play for me, to not have to listen to that sound. I think I'll leave it turned off, even if they fix the bug. Just makes it so much easier to hear the other sounds going on around me. I hope this can help someone.
For the love of god please fix this - it is driving me crazy(er)

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