{H}10M EM (14/16) LF1M Tank and DPS for Core

Guild Recruitment
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<Extended Maintanence> is a level 25 10-man raiding guild on Stormreaver.

A few of us have played together since Vanilla and BC, and for the most part are a mature group of friends. All during Cataclysm we were extremely motivated and raided two days a week religiously; however, as the expansion ended a few people stopped playing or felt the need to go in a different direction. That puts us here! We ended 6/8 HM in Dragon Soul.

We will be raiding Tuesdays, Thursday, and Sunday from 8:00 to 11:00 PM CST (server time). We want to build our guild roster and fill it with exceptional players that want to see progression and still have a fun time doing it. We should be back to a regular raiding schedule once everyone is ready in Mists of Pandaria.

Our current recruitment needs are as follows:
Warrior: Protection, Fury
Death Knight: Frost
Druid: Guardian, Feral
Monk: Brewmaster, Windwalker
Paladin: Protection, Retribution

We are also looking for players that simply want to enjoy the perks of a level 25 guild and want to be a part of a fun community!

For more information, and to apply, please visit our website:


Feel free to contact Benedykt, Necrosis, or Darrenz in game, or through Real ID (cocopuffs_10@hotmail.com).

We look forward to meeting everyone and very soon journeying into the mists with you!
Come check us out. We really don't bite....
Well...she doesn't.
See what we're all about!
Check us out!
That's true, I dont bite those I dont know. <grin>
Afternoon, everyone!
Looking for hybrids and healers. Where are you guys? >>.>>
Anyone out there at all?
wtb heals
Yes! Healers!
You folks ever thinking about raiding 25 man? Incurro noctis is trying to break the shackles of 10 man off and a group of folks would be awesome.

If it sounds interesting, check out www.incurronoctis.org come MoP we are moving our raid time to 8:20 to 11PM EST tuesday and thursday.
Healers! Come!
Any healers out there!?
If you build it....they will come, just need to figure out what to build first :/

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