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Insider of Zeal
We are a quiet friendly group of people who just enjoy clearing content. We plan on being an exclusive guild who can get things done. We shall be running 2 raid groups within MoP who will be clearing current content and pushing towards heroic modes. All applicants must go to our website and apply to join our fun times. We shall be running randoms, and opening raids + future content all as a guild, and shall be gearing all our raiders evenly to push content better.

Guild Website
* All appliers must be certain that they will be willing to join the guild, and agree to raid at said days/times. Any off-server/faction appliers must be 100 percent certain that they are willing to come over, as well.

Raid Times

Group1: Tuesdays-Wensdays(9:30-midnight)

Group2: Fridays-Saturdays(9:30-midnight)

What we need


* Death Knight
Blood - Low
Frost - Low
Unholy - Low

* Druid
Balance - Low
Feral - Low
Guardian - High
Restoration - High

* Hunter
Beast Mastery - High
Marksmanship - High
Survival - High

* Mage
Arcane - High
Fire - High
Frost - Low

* Monk
Brewmaster - Low
Mistweaver - High
Windwalker - Low

* Paladin
Holy - Low
Protection - Low
Retribution - Low

* Priest
Discipline - Low
Holy - Low
Shadow - High

* Rogue
Assassination - Low
Combat - Low
Subtlety - Low

* Shaman
Elemental - Low
Enhancement - High
Restoration - High

* Warlock
Affliction - Low
Demonology - Low
Destruction - Low

* Warrior
Arms - Low
Fury - Low
Protection - Low

What to expect

Attendance - Be online 15mins prior to raid time. Not showing up to your raids without prior knowledge will not be tolerated and said person shall be demoted to probation until they meet the attendance requirements for 2 whole weeks(14days).

Loot - Loot council, loot will be given to those who deserve it, farming, proforming exeptable standers durring raid, not complaining, and just doing stuff for the guild in general can increase the chances you get loot.

Consumables - Bring your own food/flasks/pots, all will be provided once theres the stock of it.

Who to Contact

If you're interested in joining, please send an in-game mail to Cadia, or myself. Or, if you can catch us online, go ahead and send us a tell. Tho an easier way would be to just apply at are website posted at the top of this fourm.
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Your need for every class and spec is Low?
09/06/2012 06:18 PMPosted by Aathena
Your need for every class and spec is Low?

They don't know what they want.
[All are set to low till MoP, so we can see exactly what we have to work with within the first week or so in MoP.

That should clear things up
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