Old Darkmoon cards.

I found the following cards on an alt back from when I was grinding up The Insane. I'm not sure if you still need to actually make decks anymore what with the DMF dailies nowadays, but if so I'm selling these for 10g a piece. 500g for the whole kit and kaboodle (nearly 90 cards). I'm just gonna vendor them in a week or so if there is no interest.

Two of Nobles (2)
Three of Nobles (1)
Four of Nobles (2)
Five of Nobles (5)
Eight of Nobles (2)

Two of Chaos (1)
Three of Chaos (5)
Five of Chaos (2)
Six of Chaos (7)
Seven of Chaos (4)
Eight of Chaos (2)

Ace of Prisms (12)
Two of Prisms (2)
Three of Prisms (9)
Four of Prisms (1)
Six of Prisms (4)
Seven of Prisms (11)

Ace of Undeath (10)
Three of Undeath (5)
Five of Undeath (2)
Eight of Undeath (2)
Anyone at all still need these?

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