Fury of Pandaria: PvE Fury in MoP

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regarding the pre-raid gear sets, theres a couple points to consider:

-together with the heroic blues, there's epics that some end bosses can drop in them, and the honored rep crafted items (cause getting honored, at least with shado-pan and klaxxi its REALLY easy, you just quest like normal), and ONLY put the revered rep items as a "remember you can pick this up later" kind of deal, cause by the time someone will be able to pick up those, it will not be really pre-raid anymore.

-theres a blue lvl 463 chest with hit and crit that you get from a quest at revered with golden lotus...you COULD include that, but same deal with the revered rep epics, it may be too later to be considered pre-raid.

-also theres the honor gear, which has some peices that can be better than heroic blues, but i bet theres some people (myself included) that dont like the idea of pvp-ing to get rdy for raiding, but it wouldnt hurt to make a mention of those items.

(most, if not all, of the items are already on the wowhead database)

and heres ze BUMP for ze sticky :D
I am Rush and I approve this guide. +1 for Sam <3
Sticky requested great guide... Theres alot of misleading fury guides going around!
08/26/2012 03:31 PMPosted by Vrex
Theres alot of misleading fury guides going around!

and the stupid people will follow them all.
vacken's info about items

Yeah, I've taken a lot of that into account. I know they're on the wowhead database, but they're not on the Armory's database which is more important for here.
Sticky requested, very nice guide!
I like your guide Samayael. Question I have did you play around with different levels of Haste in the Beta. I know you said Haste which I agree is our worst stat but i wonder if we should have a minimum amount of haste or is maximizing crit to have more Flurry the better way. I have been playing on Beta and it seems like I have more rage generation when I have a little higher haste. I was wondering if you played around on Beta with different levels of Haste to see what effects they had on Dps or rage generation. Somehow I feel I should have a minimum amount. SMF seems to have better rage generation from the faster attack speed.
I haven't, but to me I'm not sure if that's a good idea, especially at lower item levels. Enrage itself is a good source of rage, 10 rage per proc, so ensuring that you can get as many procs of it as possible through CS and BT is the way to go I feel. Any haste you take over crit just lessens Enrage procs and uptime, which means less periods of more damage done, less RB procs, and less rage from Enrage proccing.

On a dummy with crit > str > mast > hit > haste, I really wasn't having too many rage issues with 7.6% hit.

I just don't think you can get enough haste really to make it worth much and still have good Enrage uptime. It's just too important for Fury to drop crit.
yeah I would never drop crit for haste I was thinking mastery which is not one of our stronger abilities or excess hit if crit and hit are on the same item.
I don't think I'd drop mastery for it either. The higher your uptime of Enrage, the more mastery is worth.

I just don't see haste being useful at all for us unless they make some major mechanic changes.
Thats good to know. Haste to me was always hard to measure its effect on us. It gives us more melee attacks and rage generation but does not reflect hard damage numbers like crit hit and mastery might.
Well, even hit is worth much less in MoP since all it and haste do is affect normal white attacks and Flurry. That's it. They're just... meh.
The mechanics do have a more wrath feel thats for sure.
Good read sam! Sticky this lads!
Nice to see a guide out already, was hoping to have some info for the patch this week and wanted to thank you Sam for having this guide to start with.
I approve of this thread.
Great read! Keep up the good work Sam!
For those who may be wondering for Tuesday, for the next month in full BIS gear (Basically what I'm wearing, except for I have literally NEVER seen a heroic No'kaled. :() the stat SEP for SMF will be the following:

Crit: 1.62
Str: 1
Mastery: 0.8
Hit over 8%: 0.6
Haste: 0.48

Which means that if you feel like min/maxing over the course of the next month, you'll need 17 yellow crit gems, and 3 orange str/crit gems to ensure your meta works. Just ignore every socket bonus except your chest/helm.

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