Fury of Pandaria: PvE Fury in MoP

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I wish there was a way to use simc to see what kind of difference between the two weapons without having to spend 15k + gold.

I will have to go back and search for how many Ilvl more is worth replacing a weapon or considered an upgrade, I remember reading it in a previous post.

Also at some point I want to retest my gemming now that I am in the 490ILvl range, because prior I was seeing better dps by getting the strength and crit socket bonus vs gemming straight crit and ignoring the socket bonus. Which makes sense because from my last simc test my stat values where -

Strength 330
Hit 444
Exp 391
Crit 265
Mastery 165
Haste 90

Thanks Ferreus for the input.
thank you this is very helpful . three cheers to you
Samayael can you make guide for fury PvP?
I never PvP so no.
Hey guys, my guild just start working on Heroic Garalon and I'm having some trouble keeping up with where I 'should be'. I just had a couple of questions.

Is SMF better for it, due to the high execute uptime? My TG weapons are currently better than my SMF weapons, but if the damage disparity is extreme I could swap back.

Secondly, is Storm Bolt the go-to talent for this fight? I've never used it before at all, but I can see it hitting like a truck. If so, I just pop it on CD on each leg I'm on?

Thanks, in advance.
Try to drop storm bolt into CS, if you can possibly. It's not a huge truckload better than raging blow, honestly, but it's free, and if you have 2 RB charges and both BR and SB up when you use CS, you can cram in 3x RB and 1x SB, which is, very very roughly before fully accounting for offhand penalties, more than 1100% weapon damage. Bloodbath doesn't work well with legs at all, and since SB can work against them when BB would need to be used on boss, SB's better.
I took Disrupting Roar personally since another interrupt is never a terrible idea.

Noticed a very minor typo where you are going over the various talent choices. Disrupting Roar should be Disrupting Shout.
01/31/2013 12:01 PMPosted by Samayael
I never PvP so no.

OK so another question for the meta gem, why don't use the one which give 432 crit strike? I think it will be better if we have higher crit.
02/03/2013 10:56 AMPosted by Valkryion
I never PvP so no.

OK so another question for the meta gem, why don't use the one which give 432 crit strike? I think it will be better if we have higher crit.

Critical effect is a lot of damage, more than gaining that miniscule amount of crit would give us. Also, the spell reflect is functionally worthless in pve, although once in a blue moon it could teach those infernal warlocks to keep their dots off us during maddening shout.

If you're talking about pvp, which again, not this guide's focus, then the 432 crit meta's closer, but crit effect and stun duration are both more dependable.
3% critical damage is lot? does 3% will really make a big difference?
02/03/2013 07:48 PMPosted by Valkryion
3% critical damage is lot? does 3% will really make a big difference?

Yes. 3% does will make a noticeable difference, much more than less than 1% critical strike will. If you hit for 50k, then when it crits, that's 100k. 3% more per crit is a lot of damage, especially given that we like to unload lots of damage in burst windows where we cluster lots of crits.

For my gear level, is it still true that the two best trinkets I can use are Skullrender's Medallion and Regular Lei Shen's Orders?
I believe so, yes.
Since im orc my MH have the 7.5% exp but my OH doenst, Should i reach the 7.5% with my OH too?
Can someone inspect me and tell me why im only doing 45k dps? For pve :p I know my rotation i just dont know if i need crit higher, or strength. What am I doing Wrong?
What stat weights should I plug into Ask Mr Robot for ilvl 475~480? Can I find all of the fields by using simcraft? Collision has a short list of approximate numbers for ilvl 480 or so on page 38, but that doesn't cover Expertise, Hit under 7.5%, Mainhand DPS, or Offhand DPS.

I assume the S in SEP is Strength, so Strength should be set to 1 and everything else changes around that, but I'm not sure how, or how accurate Mr Robot's defaults are. These are the numbers I have, and the fields I need to fill: http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/64/5c67be4a3f4addd55cce7c3.png

I messed with the crit value a bit and i'm pretty sure it's higher than it should be, is it closer to 2.5 on that scale?

Smells like BIS.
fair payback for the haste-ridden T14, imo :D

tho, what would be now the offset piece for T15? cause theres an offset piece with crit for every tier piece without crit (shoulders off tortos, chest off ji-kun, helmet off dark animus)
I think I'd put money on chest, since it's exp/haste (I think?), and since we're already swimming in expertise and it has no +cap weight....

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