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Proprietary is an EST Horde guild on Zul'jin created by returning WOW players with Vanilla - 13/13 Cataclysm Raid experience.

We are currently recruiting members in advance for MOP 10man raids.

Visit http://www.proprietary-guild.com/WOW for more info

Who are we?
Proprietary is a guild formed by a group of real life, former military friends who want to push progression in MMORPG's as hard as possible while still maintaining a casual pace. This group has been gaming together since Everquest Original and has seen or participated in every facet of most MMO's released since 99'. Years of pushing content in server first guilds in EQ to top 20 World guilds in WOW has left us with a drive to see the newest content and kill it as efficiently as possible. BUT the flying monkeys, wives, family, and life have stunted our ability to raid 24/7. (Yeah, we hate them too)

Proprietary was formed to gather a dedicated and skilled group of players to push content and provide a stress free, fun, and laid back place to spend your game time.

What we do?!
Focus on getting everything a guild needs going. We will need dedicated crafters and class guides. The current founders of Proprietary have a good understanding of the different class mechanics now but will eventually name others to take that role.

We are doing this for the guild and its reputation. We will not cater to you individually but we will also ensure you have the necessary knowledge to progress in the game. While we don't expect everyone to be an expert at his or her class, or know the ins and outs of every "dungeon", we do expect you to seek out information and be proactive at learning the encounters. Ideally, we want to experience and accomplish whatever is out there together. If you feel you need to be #1, ie., leveling, instances, etc., great, but if it requires you leaving your guildmates in the dust or excluding them, you'll be burned at the stake.

Our raid schedule (highly depending on how the content is released) is three days a week for three hour raids:

Sunday 6-9 pm EST
Tuesday 7:30 - 11 pm EST
Thursday 7:30 - 11 pm EST

100% attendance isn't mandatory, however, any guild member should be able to attend the majority of raids. Applicable consumables are required on progression nights.

While we won't force you to help others, we highly encourage you to want to help your guildmates in any way you can. If you about to start an activity and you know it would be of benefit to another guildy, have the decency to invite him/her. If there are required steps to progress, such as flags, quests, and whatnot, these should be accomplished within the guild unless it is necessary to seek outside help. We're not trying to form a huge conglomerate of people to fill a raid roster. We're trying to build a community that raids. Take the time to know your guildmates and they WILL be there for you as long as you are there for them.

Applicant Requirements:

All applicants will meet the minimum requirements unless related to or a friend of a current guild member.

All applicants will know their class, understanding that the mechanics will be new to most people, you should strive to understand all aspects of your skill trees and how to use them.
All applicants will understand basic MMO mechanics and know how to utilize them in a raid environment, ie., not standing in fire or breaking CC.
All applicants should be able to get along (even with those they don't like) with everyone. (Basic social skills )
All applicants will take the time to get to know their guild members.
All applicants will attend most of the raids.
All applicants must learn how to use Mumble

We would prefer applicants with the following:
Previous MMO raiding experience
Military background (Marine or Navy screw you Army guys )
Have a good, yet crude, sense of humor
Did you guys take a break the whole time since Vanilla or something? There were only a handful of top EQ players who came to this game and made a name for themselves in WoW progression in Vanilla... Some on this server... some elsewhere...
Wasnt on this server or as this guild name. We (collectively) have been in competitive guilds since vanilla. Not all the same ones or same server etc etc.

If you would like a history, im sure we could arrange something.

I personally stopped playing wow right before Firelands. Some of the other guild members had been away longer.

And, albeit its been a while, im pretty sure the majority of high ranking guilds during vanilla were some sort of EQ vets.

We kept up with the quick burnout of SWTOR raid progression of a 3 nights schedule against 5 day guilds and while i dont expect to hold top anything position in WOW or on server on a 3 night, 3 hour raid schedule i'm sure there are a number of skilled players out there that wouldn't mind casually raiding, not having to deal with those who cant seem to grasp not "standing in fire" while keeping a good progression rate and seeing the content.
I'd have a good idea if you said Guk or Veeshan server and BDF from WoW. I stopped towards the end of Vanilla here and went back to FFXI because well, it was closer to EQ kind of gameplay. I kind of missed that (levelling and quests much more challenging and time consuming etc). I think those corpse runs must have left me with serious masochistic tendencies or something lol. Still tapping my foot and waiting on this whole EQnext deal... :(
Haha we just had a conversation about that this morning in mumble. Mid 2016 to early 2017 and possibly a facebook style game are the rumors we've gotten.

But 150% agree. All the new MMOs are just to..... shallow

In the mean time MOP should be fun and i have about 5 guys not playing WOW that are going to, potentially, go at FFXIV 2.0 hard when it re-releases and doesnt suck.
Ya, i'll probably go to FFXIV when it's out on PS3 in the new year... Doing endgame while chillin on the couch = the awesome. The 2.0 is out now, they just finished implementing it all over the past couple months afaik, but it's not out for PS3 yet. I'll be damned if I do endgame again while sitting at a freaking computer. Ends up feeling like i'm just extending my RL work day longer lol. I loved it when FFXI went to console in North America finally.

I'm just worried that they're gonna make FFXIV too "casual friendly". They apparently made the PC version of the UI very similiar to WoW. I want to go back to another game where even just getting to max lvl is a huge trial. I'm seriously missing spending 2 months just doing the quests for access to the endgame areas. >.<
Still looking for a couple folks. Couples healers and a dps or two.
Always looking for folks for MOP raiding in a fun atmosphere on a relaxed schedule.

also opening recruitment to those who just want a cool place to hang out with opportunities to off night aid at will.

Apply at www.proprietary-guild.com
Oh, hi there.
Proprietary is looking for a few good folks!!

if you have an inckling to raid in MOP and you dont have the time Proprietary might be for you.

We raid Tues, Thurs from 700-1000 and Sun 600-1000. We focus on a tightly knit group of competent players who want to progress through content on a minimalistic schedule with people who know how to have a good time and get !@#$ done!

Apply @ http://www.proprietary-guild.com/wowapp
Still looking
Need dps and a healer or two to fill out our 10man roster for MOP.
Still looking for people.
Need a priest and druid or pally healer and some ranged dps (maybe a rogue also)
What he said. ^^
If you are coming back to wow after a break and don't have the best gear we are ready and willing to help out!
Still looking.
Lookin for a pally or druid healer and some more ranged dps

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