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Wrought from Ruin (WfR) is a guild of adults who believe in a strong sense of community, are an awesome combination of serious and silly, with both dedicated and casual players - all built around a strong core of people who believe you get out of a guild what you put in.

Past & Present
WfR was originally a World of Warcraft guild founded in August of 2010 by a core group of veteran players who had known one another over the years from other guilds and servers. Currently we are enjoying getting lost in Pandaria (some of us are severely directionally challenged) as we begin to consider normal mode raiding in a few weeks.

We make our homes on RP servers because we enjoy the more mature community that is often fostered there, but we are an RP optional guild and it is in no way required. You will not receive grief about not RPing, and we ask that members not give grief about RPing.

WfR does not strictly RP as any particular group, but welcomes characters of all back stories. The only defined structure for our RP is what the games give us.

Unsurprisingly, guild chat is always OOC (out-of-character).

Most of us are long time players who have a more casual take when it comes to raiding. Our aim is to have fun together while gaming, and a big part of that is to keep an atmosphere where people are more important than loot and enjoying the moment is key.

If you are looking for a progression focused raiding guild we are not for you. On the other hand if you're looking to see content at a more relaxed pace while having fun with your friends then that is the experience can we offer.

When recruiting we look for friendly, mature and active players who are community oriented and enjoy having fun. Whether you are looking to raid or are searching for a social environment while you conquer the world with your own personal army of alts you are equally welcome into the guild.

All members are required to be 18 years of age or older and agree to our Code of Conduct. There is also a 30 day trial period for all new members; we promise not to bite, but we want to make sure new members fit in well with our community.

Please visit our website www.Wrought-from-Ruin.com for more information or to apply.

Update: We have recently moved webhosts which has resolved the issues we had with our site's load issues.
hi =)
Hope everyone is enjoying the patch!

I'll be working on Loremaster while awaiting Mists, so feel free to poke at me for any questions you may have. Or cookies, I have them too, conjured from the tears of gnomes. ^_^

Or cookies, I have them too, conjured from the tears of gnomes. ^_^

she's not lying
Sent an app, however I am not on your server so if you have any question I can make an alt over there if need be.
hope you all had a great labor day weekend!
a little bump for the weekend
Our website has been experiencing some issues which our host promises us they have fixed. If you've previously had any problems getting it to load, please try again.

*Grumbles about Murphy's Law.*
We just hit level 20 last night. *celebration*
09/12/2012 03:29 PMPosted by Arinaomi
We just hit level 20 last night. *celebration*

Yay we did stuff!
*shoots a horde firework*
Happy Pirate's Day, ye scurvy dogs. ^_^
guild level 23 now!
I hope everyone is enjoying Pandaria. We're all having a blast!
Guild level 25! *celebration*
we need squishie cloth wearing people

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