Area 52 Horde "Is a Hoodie Ninja" LF Raiders

Area 52
hahhahah...nice! Have a look at my main.. Vâjâyj alt code 0226, looking for a spot with this toon...
I have an 85 Warlock (dest)...may switch to affliction for MOP depending on what ever guild i get into needs. Let me know. Thanks!
beat my feet
bleep bleep
The joys of living in america where we have the right to do what we want. Beware you may be the subject to termination should you decied to level an alt. especialy when durring the interview process you declare you have approx 5 raid geared alts spread across 2 different realms. of course with the panda rush you can either wait the hour to log into a full server or log into one of your toons on a low pop server with no wait and hit the other toon up after panda mania dies down and its not so much a wait to log into area 52.

Imagine my suprise to finaly try to log in and im only number 210 (an easy 5 minute wait) and low and behold I am now guildless. Upon asking one of the officers the responce was (and as an american yes its their right to run a guild exactly how they like) yes we kicked you out because you wasnt leveling the toon in our guild ( mind you panda isnt even out 1 week yet)

I must admit the conversation was very well disccused no ill words and these guys are prolly very nice people if you make their guild your main effort. It is my perception that the GM and officers should have a little less do as I say not as I do attitude as its ok for them to sit on allience alts leveling them while their guild pugs into other things patiently waiting panda to roll out then kick somone for choosing the easy road of instant log in over a obnoxious long wait that yes will eventually subside when panda is no longer the new thing.

the purpouse of this post is to not sling mud simply let others know of my experience with said guild. to log in and find yourself guildless when 2 officers have you on battle tag and never receive a whisper is not my opinion of quality management. But alas Bless the USA where we have the freedom to do as we please. the same freedom to speak my mind about a situation that could have been handled better or differently.

I will leave this post with this. if your going to make this guild your main effort its prolly a great place for you. if you have alts be warry as you may log in to find yourself guildless as its my opinion the expectation is for the lower members to sit paitently and wait for the leadership to decied what your going to do.

as to whomever I sent Materiels to have some bags made its been about 20 days still no bags still no returned mats so I'll chalk that up as a lesson learned in being trusting. there is a higher judge and karma finds all. I know my limitations and will find a home for my holy priest this i know. I always do.
Hello I am transferring my level 90 mage I lvl 459 to area 52 as we speak and was looking for a skilled raiding guild. I play frost now and plan on changing to fire once I obtain enough gear to hit the optimal crit cap. I work third shift at 11pm central time so I have to be off by 10:30pm central time, however I have Tuesdays Wednesdays and Saturdays off. If there could be a possibility of me fitting in I would greatly appreciate the feedback
Woot new mage! Bump!
Reach arounds and candy!
Hot Damn!
Your server is central time?
we are in the eastern time zone

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