Theramore's Fall: Now Live for Level-85 Players

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You guys that are complaining about ilevel requirements do realize that crafted is 377?
finally, something to do
We were discussing that just yesterday. This isn't a pre-launch event. This is lowering the level of a part of the xpac as a gimmie. That seems awfully anticlimatic.
I was always under the impression the Teramore Scenario was always going to be an 85 event and they decided to alter it after the fact so it can be redone at 90.

Not a 90 they lowered for us to do.

This was always the pre-launch event. If anything it's being "recycled" for 90's when MoP goes live.
09/17/2012 08:25 AMPosted by Keltrax
I think this is awesome. Who cares if the lower levels can't do anything, they should have worked harder to get to max level.

The Wrath Events were all really fun for ALL levels. It had something for every level in the game and made the oncoming legions of undead a blast!
With something as massive as the coming of a new Race and Class, I was hoping we would see something more than just a scenario. Let's hope that they have other ideas in store and not just another let down like the Cata event was.
Don't complain about ilvl, it is a snap to get up and you have a week of the event running to catch up and experience it for yourself.
09/17/2012 08:57 AMPosted by Rarity
We were discussing that just yesterday. This isn't a pre-launch event. This is lowering the level of a part of the xpac as a gimmie. That seems awfully anticlimatic.


After the weeks of something to do prior to the last to expansions.. fighting aside the gnomes, fighting the elementals, fighting off the spread of the plague...
Things that most level toons could do.

And for this one...nothing, no "launch event" just a preview of an experience that we'll have available at lvl 90....

You know that balloon that's by the portals in SW? Well you just let all the air out of it.
add me if u want a BAD !@# HEALS 410 ilvl :) or pali horde tank FOR THE HORDE!!!
so whats so amazing about this even anyways haha been here since vanilla and never seen soo many people going nuts lol
what time will it open?
10 pst
It deff shouldve been open already >.<
my source is from trade umm guess after restart
Other than Poke wow, I have been waiting for this event. I have always loved the story around Theramore and this will add to that love.
Theramore's Fall, the first of many Scenarios coming to World of Warcraft, is a story-changing event

We’ll see you there!

"Event" - NO THIS IS NOT AN EVENT. It's an instanced scenario that you queue for in the LFD tool.

'We’ll see you there!" - unless you are 1-84 or below a certain ilvl, in which case we won't see you there!

Enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime Pandaria **EVENT**, dear valued playerbase!

You mean like how the reward for defeating the elemental invasion were high level bosses that dropped 251 loot? How below a certain level if you were in a city during the invasions you got clobbered?

Yeah, I wish there was more sense that the world was going to change, but acting like this scenario is any different from the Cata invasions in terms of the end results-you get a feat of strength, gear equal to the lowest level of current raid gear drops from the special fights-just plain ignores how things are.
Damn it! Can't wait to get home! Skipping the gym just for this.
lol so when is the going to happen?
.. it jyst an scenario dont need to skp the gymn lol

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