Theramore's Fall: Now Live for Level-85 Players

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09/17/2012 09:24 AMPosted by Kishimaru
my source is from trade umm guess after restart

Yesterday's restart you mean!
We will be performing rolling restarts on Monday, September 17th, beginning at 10:00 AM PDT. Downtime for each realm is expected to be minimal, and the entire process should take approximately 1 hour to complete.

Thank you for your patience.
Sounds like a fun Event.....
true but i hope its good or just wast of my time.. lol
Everyones a critic. They all tell you how to do it, they never did it.
Having an ilevel requirement on this is so stupid, specially if this is the only "event" leading up to Pandaria. Only a few can experience it, which I think everyone should. I still can't believe this is it.

My rogue barely passes.

its a ilvl of 353 get someone to make you the pvp gear from leatherworking its 377ilvl same goes for if you have a mail or plate or cloth toon blacksmiths and tailors make the 377ilvl pvp gear as well
Nice just realized this was getting turned on today... *crosses fingers hoping this has been tested a million times so that it wont cause server crashes and FAIL all day long, making it a complete waste to release early*
I hope this is Good this is gonna determine whether or not i buy it.
kinda funny, my rogue, who only holds onto mats for me now, is the one i post with, interesting how that happened
09/17/2012 06:57 AMPosted by Scyllaìr
And lol, asking people to dump a few thousand into buying gear to get into something and then replace said gear from the first quests. Yea that be really smart!

um the valor gear is now justice gear and its 397
and the restarts have started

and so have all the people in trade chat yelling people are trolling and lying about the scenerio
It has begun...
should be fun
Yo!!! Gonna destroy some Theramore once the servers have come back up! I THIRST FOR THE BLOOD OF THE ALLIANCE!
Hold on a sec. Everyone knew this was comming and you didnt upgrade to 397 ilvl JP gear, if you needed too? Should of thought ahead guys (and Gals)!
Servers are restarting :3

*fangirl squeal*
plenty of time to gain the proper ilvl for the feat.

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