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What a complete disappointment. Zero in game story, zero feeling of being "involved", and zero challenge.

As an alliance player, I had absolutely no idea what was going on or what I was even doing there.

How does stuff like this make it out of development with someone's stamp of approval? Are they trying to force us to read the books just to know what is going on in game?
Waste of time. 30minute queue to get into the middle of one. Had no lore connection like I thought I was going to. Loot for 3 people was 17g each and a tabard that gets mailed to you later.

If you want a tabard go for it. If not stay away don't waste your time.
Found it finally in LFD, requires ilvl 353. Note to myself "There is no more reason to waiting for events and joining WoW 1 month before expansion launch".

Everyone seems to be focusing on complaining about the lore or how it didn't feel momentous enough or whatever. I don't really care about that. I thought it was ridiculously boring because it was just pure tank and spank. No interesting mechanics, no moving out of the fire, no boss abilities of any kind. It was like running a dungeon that's 10 levels below your level. I feel like I have no desire to ever run this scenario a second time because of how boring it was.
Well, time for my 2 cents.
I have run the scenario. Overall it was ok, meaning it was fast and a 3 person dungeon-like thing. When entering the scenario as horde, I had no idea what any of the lore behind it was and it was just a bit TOO faceroll.
As horde sure I got to watch a town get destroyed, but for the alliance players they didn't only get another city destroyed, but they don't really get anything exciting out of the entire scenario.

Now onto bigger things, I am very upset there there is no actual pre launch event. I wasn't around for the gates of AQ opening but I hear it was epic. I also wasn't here for the dark portal opening. BUT I was here for the scourge zombie invasion, and the elemental attack. I'll agree the zombie invasion was a little irritating after awhile, but still a great way to bring about an expansion, and still fun as hell.

I have sat on this game since November now doing the same old stuff, leveling, clearing H DS, farming every mount. In hopes that the launch event was going to be worth it all in the end. If anything I am not disappointed in the scenario so much as I am disappointed in there being no pre-launch event. Blizzard you really did drop the ball on this one. I really do not know if this game is all that exciting for me anymore :(

Pretty disappointed considering you had since November to put at least ONE person on the event duty, and you couldn't even fit that in. Id imagine with no blizzcon you could have found SOME time.
I think the scenario is exciting and I can't wait to enjoy the rest of the content finally on live servers. These scenarios will provide a unique way for players to interact with each other in ways that are less competitive and more casual friendly. That being said I have a couple of issues with this being released this early. For starters, the lore makes no sense, they just throw you in and it's so quick and random that you really don't understand why you're there or what made the Horde do this. Yeah some of us keep up with lore so we're able to follow along and there are others who've read the book. But for those of us that don't keep up with this stuff this event is incredibly confusing. Blizzard has already stated that we shouldn't complain because something is better then nothing. I beg to differ, I think giving us nothing would have been better then this. The scenario is fun, and I look forward to being able to engage in this stuff with my more casual playing friends in the future, but I don't see the point of releasing this content a week early with no how or why. All you've successfully done Blizzard is confuse the hell out of a lot of players. And to me that is bad design. Shame on you. The least we could have deserved was some sort of quest chain that explained exactly what was going on. Similar to the 4.2 intro. Hell it could have even led into the expansion intro quest. Anyways, my point being, scenario is amazing, release of it was very poor.
I must admit, I was extremely disappointed.

Now I completely understand that the book contains the details. I get that, and thats OK. But when you compare Theramore's Fall to the very first couple quests in Twilight Highlands, where you take back Highbank... it just doesn't compare. The scenario ended and I don't even know what I accomplished, besides killing 30 horde.

I don't like to insult people who put a lot of hard work in to things, but from the terrible opening cinematic to Jaina yelling a couple times and teleporting away, I just felt cheated out of something that should have been a very evocative event.
Holy crap... I've been waiting for 35 minutes to queue for this. Ravenholdt Horde side.

I finally came to the forums to see if the queue was bugged or others were having problems, and now that i've read all the complaints I'm not sure I want to continue waiting.

and.. is there no MOP lead up events? WTF?
what is everyone doing? there are like 40 People in Org all AFK/ showing off mounts i guess. I looked i can't find anything MOP related (and this is 1 week out) where are the dungeons, city events, Epic build up?

I don't want to run any Cata raids, I left months ago because they were so boring. Same for dungeons and leveling. PVP same old same old.

I am so glad Blizzard gave me 7 free days, because i was seriously going to buy MOP, but now i will wait a month to see how the reviews turn out.

My guess is they won't be good.
Overall rather meh. It wasn't particularly interesting, or hard. It felt like just another outdoor dungeon with extra hand holding to find the 'bosses.' And Jaina's persona did a nice "Wrath Garrosh" where she 180'ed into trying to be a super badass out of nowhere and with no build-up.
The horde got jipped on the reward for mailbox reward... at least the allies got a tabard... and i still thought it was short, easy, and no where near as good as Cata's prelaunch content

You must be really hard to please.

I'm decidedly not hard to please, but I was quite disappointed. I don't think it necessarily should slavishly match the book, but the story needs to told well in both mediums. Scenarios are supposed to let them off the narrative leash, but this event paled in comparison to previous in-game events that didn't have that technological advantage (e.g. Windsor confronting Lady Prestor, the Wrathgate). I don't know what went wrong here; they can do this! I was expecting something more like the lore content of Halls of Reflection or Well of Eternity.

Alliance side, you zone in to witness an out-of-the-blue atrocity, and then get tasked with "Kill 50 Horde invaders" mop-up quests. This was supposed to be a defining, Pearl Harbor-type moment, but there was no emotional connection whatsoever - there was no story told in any meaningful sense. The only flicker of Alliance pride I felt was when I was running through it Horde-side and got to see the awe-inspiring last stand of Baldruc, the faithful gryphon master that had served me for many years.

Compared to what the Alliance experience could have been... a desperate cry for help... rushing to aid the island against the onslaught... fighting alongside Jaina, Rhonin, Pained, Tervosh, Kinndy, and the rest of the citizens to fight back the Horde attack... a moment of triumph... a realization of horror... and BOOOM!!!! Everyone we just fought to save has perished in a horrific atrocity that would set the Alliance hearts crying out for vengeance for years to come. I'd have led Jaina to Orgrimmar myself.

Horde side worked a little better for me, because it did have a sort of cool moment of horror where you realized that you had (somehow?) assisted with this awful plan, but even then, it didn't really play out compared to how it could have been: "Warriors of the Horde, fight alongside Baine, Vol'jin, and your Warchief to remove this threat to the security of lands through honourable combat!"... followed by a defeat, during which Garrosh reveals his horrific true plan for victory, and players can either follow Baine and Vol'jin away in disgust and despair or stay with Garrosh and cheer on his madness.
I have to agree it was horribly underwhelming. I've never been so disappointed in the game. I'd give reasons, but I'd just be echoing previous posts. The saddest pre-expansion event (Is it considered one?) I have seen.
It seems to crash my computer about every other time I go. It has crashed others too.
Just listened to the interview Ghostcrawler gave to WoWCrendor, and I'm absolutely impressed with his ability to ignore and sidestep the question about what they thought about the mass amount of bad feedback on this event.

He talked about how the difficulty isn't supposed to be hard, but that's not the issue that I personally, and many others in the community had with it. The problem was the lack luster ushering in of a new expansion. Look at the past events. They were EPIC to say the least. A scenario that just kinda drops off? Fail. Bad fail. My first thought after I had finished both the alliance and horde versions was "If this is the gusto they're going with in MOP, I may have just wasted my money on the collectors edition.". There's been sooooo much hype about this expansion being the best thing since BC, but now Im starting to be very very skeptical.

Scenarios seem interesting as a concept, but you cant do something this piss poor and think the community is going to just be happy with it. We want an epic intro to the new expansion. I mean hell, even the worst expansion ever(Cata) had a pretty cool event.
(In case you missed it )
So much to do during it. What is there to do after the scenario? Go look at the Ruins of Theramore and watch people seriously, go there on any toon and there are people dueling. Sad really.

Go look at write ups or videos on the events of previous expansions, and it should be pretty obvious to anyone why the community is pretty upset about this garbage. You're losing subscribers and you do this? I'm very disappointed in you Blizzard.

Please above all, tell me that this isn't the ENTIRE event. Please tell me there actually is more. That this is only stage one of things, because this sucked and everyone involved with green lighting this should have their jobs re-evaluated.
I have to agree with my fellow posters, which is a rare thing in and of itself (they can be very whiny.) I just don't get the decisions that were made here.

Greg. I know I don't have any idea how to do your job, but this isn't the way to do it. You getting rid of events leading into an expansion is a bad idea and here's why. You are correct that it's spending development time on something that only lasts a few short weeks, but let's be honest, the same could be said for just about every piece of content in Warcraft. When it's time is done, it's pretty much done.

Now then, let me tell you why it's important. It's basically fan-service. A world event to the players of Warcraft to get them excited for the upcoming expansion! Something to bring back subs to witness the coming of an expansion as well. By not providing any, or this lack luster scenerio, you failed to deliver any hype. I won't speak for others, but frankly, I am disappointed.

You'll either recover from this or you'll be showing me you're taking a turn for the worst. I certainly hope you listen to these posters because they actually have a legitimate claim here this time. The lore needs work. Your story telling needs work. Cataclysm lacked it and this "event" shows me Mists may be missing it as well. STORY IS IMPORTANT! And you need to start portraying it more in Warcraft! Please guys, focus more on story and story-telling concepts/devices! It's starting to go downhill lately. You're better than this and I know it! Show me!

Edit: Let me reiterate, it's not so much the story that needs work, but the way you tell a story that needs a lot of work.

Please above all, tell me that this isn't the ENTIRE event. Please tell me there actually is more.

You already know that answer.
I'm hugely disappointed with this Scenario. I haven't been this disappointed with the game since I found out no Spirit cloth would be dropping in Firelands, and I was rather apathetic about my guild's lack of progression for that raid tier because of it. Theramore's Fall absolutely fails as a pre-launch event. It fails to be engaging, it fails to be relevant, and it fails thematically.

The Burning Crusade had a rough pre-launch event. It was the first pre-launch event, so it was a bit rough. But it gave players something to do. It included demons, which are arguably a huge part of the Burning Legion. And the Dark Portal was reopened! Demons came forth! The high-level demon (Kazzak, I think?) wandered Azeroth and posed something of a threat to capital cities and other zones. It had relevance to the expansion and it worked thematically: invaders from The Unknown, beyond the Dark Portal—and that's exactly what TBC was all about. We were exploring the unknown. At the same time, to the denizens of Draenor (or what was left of it), we were invaders from beyond the Dark Portal.

Wrath of the Lich King had the best pre-launch event. (This is not just my opinion, but an indisputable fact, because there's no logical fallacy here.) We see the return of the necropolises (necropoli?) from the Naxxramas event. Oh hey, Naxxramas returned in WotLK. This made sense. Then there was the zombie plague, and we saw the introduction of Grand Apothecary Putress, who had nothing to do with the expansion, let alone the biggest in-game event which started in Dragonblight. Nope, Putress was completely irrelevant. (THIS IS SARCASM.) The zombie plague brought the Horde and the Alliance together over a common threat; we were literally brought together because we could communicate cross-faction with the zombie language, and we sort of united against the Lich King in Northrend (who deals heavily in, uh... textiles, I guess?) There were the attacks against Stormwind and Orgrimmar. To cap it all off, Garrosh and Thrall butted heads over leadership in the Org arena. It was almost as if Thrall was going to be preparing Garrosh to take over as Warchief throughout the expansion. Oh hey, Ulduar trailer, I didn't see you there standing next to Argent Tournament vignettes.

Even Cataclysm's pre-launch event had relevance. The Twilight's Hammer cult recruiting new members. Elementals invading and having to defend our cities. Our leaders tried to understand the coming threat by investigating it, instead of simply wiping it out. We see Thrall step down as warchief and the introduction of Aggra. Except for the water boss, we went to a location relevant to each elemental domain: Ahn'Qiraj for air, AND HEY LOOK THE ONLY GOOD BITS OF ULDUM ALL REVOLVE AROUND AL'AKIR AND SKYWALL; Blackrock Depths for fire, and we returned to Blackrock Mountain on two occasions (both contrived, but I digress); Maraudon for earth, to kill Therazane's daughter, which incidentally comes up in conversation when we first meet her in Deepholme. (JUST A COINCIDENCE, I BET.)

Theramore's Fall?

Here, member of the Horde, go attack an Alliance town for no reason. Oh hey, here's a bomb. Members of the Alliance, go see what just happened and do nothing important. It's so bad, I've been advising returning WoW players to skip the Scenario and just play around with the new talent system instead, maybe take a romp through LFD or LFR to get themselves reacquainted.

There's nothing relevant there. Mists of Pandaria is supposed to ratchet up the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde. This has nothing to do with that; sure, this is a catastrophe (albeit an anticlimactic catastrophe completely unbeffiting of all the hype), but it's just so... flat. In Southern Barrens, we see conflict between the Alliance and the Horde. There is no easy black/white morality here, everything is in shades of gray. We see that the Alliance commander wanted to do things honorably. We see concession by the Horde that Taurajo was a valid war target. All of this comes through in-game, we see that both sides want to do the right thing (and that the other side is a complete bastard), and we're left with nothing other than a grim reminder that war is ugly. Theramore's Fail? It's completely dependent on reading Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War for context. The events in-game are inherently black/white in nature—you know, that lazy morality from before: Horde drops bomb on Theramore. There are no explanations given. Horde players are lied to about what is going on until literally the last second. We don't even know what makes the bomb so potent, or how it came to be, without either reading the damned novel or rolling an Alliance character and raising it to max level.

The event fails thematically, too. This is the first Scenario we get to see on live. What is offered for story content? Nothing. Reports from beta are that this is the only bad Scenario; every other Scenario is engaging, relevant to the expansion, and provides ample amounts of story content in-game. There is so much lore presented throughout Mists, and the storytelling is Blizzard's best work to date (again, these are the reports from beta). Theramore's Fail is completely unlike the rest of Mists, completely unlike every other pre-launch event. Why? It's an utter disappointment.

Oh, but there's this little gem from MMO-Champion; a tweet (possibly by Ghostcrawler? MMO-C doesn't provide source links for tweets, so this might even be coming from a CM or Dave Kozak):
"Theramore scenario completely underwhelming compared to other pre expansion events. It's Meh."
Was never meant to be a world event. It's the first Scenario of the game. Tons more content coming next week!

So, if it's not supposed to be a world event, not supposed to be a pre-expansion event... then where is the pre-expansion event? Why bother releasing this one event—sorry, Scenario—early? Why not hold off on the Scenario until the "plot points" (as if there is any plot point beyond "here's a bomb, LOL!") are relevant to players?

It fails as a pre-launch event because it's "not meant to be a world event." It fails to be engaging because it requires out-of-game materials; Wowpedia, if we can't be bothered to get the book. (Aside: isn't it disturbing that the relevant parts of the book—that the Horde stole the Focusing Iris after the events of Dragon Soul—can be summarized in one sentence but that this same sentence can't be properly conveyed in-game?) It fails to be relevant because there is no gorram context given, and no readily apparent ties to the upcoming expansion. It fails thematically because it is so incongruous from the rest of the expansion.

I mean, I obviously care about the game still if I can work up the effort for this post. I'm still going to buy Mists of Pandaria (because I've known for several months that Mists is going to be awesome, unlike this Scenario which was kept under wraps for whatever pointless reason.) And, I even care enough about the Scenario that I'm going to plead that Blizzard doesn't do "Theramore's Fall: Extended Cut," if only because I want this indelible error to stain Blizzard's otherwise-pretty-good track record.

It's still very disappointing, though.
Well i ran Thermore's Fall on Alli and Horde, and it was as big a disappointment as the rest of the posters here said it would be. I am just in complete disbelief that is the entire work up to MOP.

Edit: oh while it took me over half an hour to get into the instance for Horde it was near instant for Alliance. Ravenholdt server.

Also everything about the instance was disjointed. It made no sense why either group was there in the first place. Simply placing an NPC in stormwind saying, "somethings a-going-down in Theramore, go check it out." would have helped the narrative.

I get the feeling this was supposed to be the Alliance's 9-11-2001. An entire city was wiped out by Horde, but it felt more like "Mojache poisoning Jimmy and the Aldor's party soup."

You REALLY dropped the ball with Theramore's Fall.
So did you pick the red, blue or green one?

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