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I would have liked to see a cinamatic prior to the event start that showed the Horde plotting out the attack on Theramore. Perhaps the crafting of the bomb. Maybe the generals being ordered to make it. The conversation that ensued regarding the possibility of Ally backlash maybe some Horde leaders expressing their dissention in Garrosh's leadership skills. Maybe Garrosh slamming his fists on a battlefield map of the world and making the decision to eradicate the Alliance once and for all, or at least to kill Jaina. Maybe the Blood elves questioning why they were making the bomb you know to further the story as to why even the horde hate their leader and are not just mindless sheep following him blindly. Maybe the before effects of Jaina and the people of the town going about their business before the attack, maybe sirens (or a call to arms) that go off alerting them of the oncoming Horde forces. Maybe Jaina spotting the carrier and the Mana Bomb, perhaps something showcasing her hair actually changing color!!!! People scrambling to escape the city as the bomb hits. Something.

Something that would at least explain why I am even going over on the boat or how I personally appeared on said boat (other then just queing up for it, I mean I know how I got there but how did my character come to be there).

Some sort of RP immersion would have been nice.

Could we not have had a quest NPC or even the Quest board offer a new quest to speak to a Theramore Representative like a survivor begging for assistance to wipe out the Horde forces still in the town. Maybe have the NPC located in the Keep requesting assistance from Varian. Then maybe Varian asks us to champion the cause and rescue Jaina. In the very least when I get on the boat I have a goal in mind and feel like I'm not just doing a whole lot of nothing.
Adding story to dungeons/raids/scenarios can be done simply and without overburdening players.

Add cutscenes that explain the story, and then let players skip them if they chose.

Then, add a system where players can go back and watch the cutscenes if they were forced to skip them by their group.
Even a 30 second cutscene with Jaina explaining a little would have gone a long long way towards making this palatable on Alliance side. I mean, we are coming in right at one of the most poignant moments of the book, just after Jaina has stumbled upon (and accidentally shattered) the corpse of her apprentice. *Including* that moment in a cutscene just before we find her in the crater, and providing a two-sentence backstory as to what's happening here (and maybe even, you know, MENTION that you just killed off Rhonin, a huge lore character, offscreen) could have converted this from a garden variety "perform these stupid tasks and kill some stuff" into an actual important, emotionally heartfelt moment. Blizzard needs to relearn how to tell a story in a game. They used to be able to do it; I just ran a character all the way through Dragonblight so I could see the Wrathgate event again, and it's still amazing. There's absolutely no reason that the very same Theramore scenario could not have been given some context that would have utterly transformed it, other than inability to tell a story properly, or sheer laziness. Frankly, neither is acceptable in an RPG. I expect better, and I think 99% of everyone posting in this thread does as well.
I think every one would have been fine with the scenerios if " Theramores's fall " would have not been a scenerio but rather an event!!!!!!!!

Theramore's fall sure " book" but not every one would read the book... or even if you do read the book you still don't mix the game with the book.

blizz should understand u never mix a book into the game. no reason to read somethin to understand whats goin on in game. the scenario lacked so many things. it could have been better

on another note where the hell are blues to jump in? would like some light shed on this or somethin as to way it was done the why it was so maybe we can understand why.
They can't because they have nothing to say, anything they do say can be used against them and cause more disdain.
I'm not sure it's possible for me to feel more disdain than what I feel right now. I have NEVER in my life been more disappointed with a game. I've played some crappy stuff before, but had some marginal enjoyment of it despite that. I can't even find a sliver of enjoyment in this disemboweled scenario that comes across as incredibly amateur.
I'm seriously contemplating if I even want to buy MoP and continue with the game. Maybe this was the straw that broke the camel's back (along with CRZ and the total lack of acknowledgment of its problems). On my mage I have run this 8 times and have only gotten fireworks. How is it fun that we have to queue for this over and over again, wait, do the same thing, and a good chance of getting nothing. Do you even care anymore?
I feel betrayed by Blizzard. They have continually released outstanding content, and add imaginative features to World of Warcraft. The scenario, The Fall of Theramore, feels very unpolished and not up to the standard that Blizzard holds itself to particularly as far as the story itself goes.

By releasing a Scenario a week before the expansion, particularly THIS scenario, which is a precursor to the Mists of Pandaria expansion, you set certain expectations whether you intended it to be a world event or not. A much better choice would have been to release one of the other scenarios to showcase the technology. If it is a problem that there is no context for another Scenario, then maybe no preview would be the most appropriate alternative.

I was left with many questions going through TFoT, without any clear way to find answers in the game. For example, why did the Horde suddenly attack Theramore? How did my character find out about it? Why is Jaina there next to the bomb? (Nerdy sciencey question) Why didn't the bomb disintegrate with the explosion?

I find myself wondering if the devs even knew this "wasn't a world event." If it was good enough to be a stand alone preview, why put extra work into developing unique items and toys for this non-event preview?

Particularly irritating that we are being pushed towards a book that will provide basic details as to why a bomb is being dropped on Theramore and more importantly, why we should feel invested. Deus ex Machina at it's finest (unless you read this other product, and apparently, from what I've heard, not all of the details are the same in/out of game)

Ghostcrawler stated in a recent interview, that "We did not do a great job on messaging." is ignoring the problem at hand. If it quacks like a duck....

It must be a quacking horse! The quack is just a new feature of horses we're previewing. Better clean up that messaging.
the fail of theramore. there is no way I do this on all my characters. once was enough.
absolutely horrid scenario. Aren't scenarios supposed to be interesting? the fail of theramore is simply go in, kill 500 mobs and a couple of weak spank (not even tank and spank) psuedo-bosses, done.
Releasing this scenario by itself was a huge mistake, blizz. Because its alone, its highlighting how horrible it is. If its not a pre expansion event like you claim, you should have simply released it with the rest of mop and not had an event of any kind.
Was it just me or was the voiceactor for the spy we rescue at the end hordeside cripin freeman?
its buffed
08/28/2012 08:11 PMPosted by Nidiana
This is such baloney. We have "just one week" to experience it at 85? On the one hand, that sucks! Because we aren't getting any kind of real pre-patch event because it ONLY lasts for a week. On a totally relevant note -- I hate Children's Week. Why, you ask? and wtf does this have to do with Theramore? Simple, my friends - it lasts for exactly one week...and that ONE week always, Always, ALWAYS - falls during Finals week at the University.

Funny this is mentioned, because I'm at finals during this event.
It wouldnt be that big a deal, except that all I'm getting is the fireworks. I got the polearm and gun on this alt, and nothing else since.
Then the damn queue ends up being anywhere from 10-40 minutes.
I would work on my final project while waiting for the queue, but my computer can be a pain in the !@# as is when Maya's running, and it throws fits when I have Maya and Wow running at the same time. Especially when I'm trying to animation the models :l
This Queue and lack of useful loot displeases me greatly
I'm getting really frustrated with healers that queue up, stay in a healing spec, and just heal. It is not a dungeon, there's a reason why it doesn't require a healer. I get that you're a healer, and I get that you may not have a DPS spec. But please, don't stand there 90% of the time and just cast holy light now and then, please at least pretend to help out--the 50% HP buff made it take twice as long as it is (rather than making it harder), we don't need to do it with 2 players on top of that.

Its a quest. When you quest, do you attack?

I recently finished off both the Alliance and Horde versions of the scenarios, and I wanted to put in my two cents.

I really have to agree with Dave Kosak's suggestion on the Best Buy Developer chat of putting the lore more in a one-time quest around the scenario. I personally loved the whole RP part of the Halls of Reflection or Culling of Stratholme. But it felt like when you forced everyone to see it, there was a huge amount of impatience for it. Like, I wanted to watch Sylvanas talk to Uther, but in a group everyone would try and cut it short, talk during it, or just skip it once that option was implemented. It kinda gets rid of the fun for me. So I like the idea of putting all the lore into personal quests, so you can experience all the lore and dialogue and everything, but on your own terms. Then enjoy farming the instance later.

But, doing both I think there's one part that the Alliance Scenario does far better than the Horde one. I think the Alliance had alot more personification, and it really went the extra mile for enjoyment for me. Like, when you start off and the Orc commander talks about how he's going to kill all of you. Or how Jaina doesn't just list the objectives, she's kinda adding a bit of believability to it. It just felt more real to have characters talking and people interacting. But on the Horde, you only get your barked orders at the beginning, and then really nothing until you talk to the sassy Elf. It just didn't feel as involved as the Alliance story.

I don't think the story has to be super involved or be all throughout the instance, but I think just a little bit of ambiance goes miles. Having characters, a little bit of dialogue, some narrative to the instance. It all adds up significantly, at least to me, anyway. For the Horde side, if there was just some ambiance to the landing, that there was some danger or something, that would make a huge difference. Maybe if the Captain actually established himself as a character, guided you through the assault. Just some narration to the whole event.

Personally, that's the only big defect I had with the whole Scenario. I loved the Alliance side scenario, I felt it was just what the Scenario should of been, but I felt the Horde side just lacked some atmosphere. Otherwise, I was actually pretty happy with how it came out.
hurray! i just ran the Theramore scenario MULTIPLE TIMES and all i got was SOME #*%&#*%^ FIREWORKS?!?!?!????


Fking garbage, Blizz.
Seems they upped the drop rate, 3 runs yesterday netted the 2 of us queuing a total of 3 items between us

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