Theramore's Fall: Now Live for Level-85 Players

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The only two suggestions I would have for this (or upcoming) scenarios would be:

Explain, please. I know a lot of the story because I am on the forums a lot. I don't read the books. If I hadn't read the explaination here, I would be confused about the whole affair. Okay, I saw that the goblins dropped a bomb on Theramore, but it's not like it obliterated the whole island. And how do I know it's Garrosh behind it and not just rogue Goblins? Why am I clearing out Theramore rather than hitting the Goblins where it hurts?

Second suggestion would be to be a bit more careful in how you advertise/promote/announce upcoming things to the player base. I liked the scenario overall, but was a little disappointed that it didn't match my expectations of what it would be in terms of scale. By this, I'm talking destruction scale. I really expected Theramore to be "destroyed" a la Deathwing's barbecue in SW's Park District. When I got there, the first thing I saw was an intact dock and was immediately confused as to why I dropped everything to come avenge a hole in the ground somewhere over there.

I'm not saying I didn't like it. I like the small group thing. I like the quick thing. I like that I'm getting a mini-story and it doesn't feel like a room full of loot pinatas like dungeons sometimes can. I like that it's out in the world. I just want to see destruction when I hear the word "destroyed." Had you said the Horde invaded and we need to repel them, I'd be fine with that and less confused when I showed up. I think I'm kind of belaboring the point now, but just make what you're saying the scenario is match what the actual scenario is, please.
"Now Live for Level-85 Players"

If that is true then why am I being denied entry?
This expansion doesn't seem like it's getting the in game welcome that it should.
I see world of Warcraft commercials all over the place but if those commercials didn't say the date in which the game was coming anyone new to this game and decided to start playing it today they would have no idea in game there is an expansion coming out.
"Now Live for Level-85 Players"

If that is true then why am I being denied entry?

You don't meet the ilevel requirement (355). Buy some pvp gear on the AH, keep it in your bank.
As a scenario I believe it is great. It is exactly what they said it would be. Short, quick, group quest and dungeons had a baby. I have no complaints with the loot. Sometimes simple designs for loot are nice.
My only complaint is with the story being told. I finished reading the book Sunday 9/16/2012 and was excited to see the Theramore "seige". I played both Horde and Alliance multiple times and there were no explanation of how devastating this really is to the Alliance. You can see that it is as bad as losing South Shore, but in all actuality it is way worse. I wish that they would have "taken attendance" (trying not to give any spoilers) and also wish that the instance went as following:
Horde side: Enter scenario and you are banging on the walls of Theramore then possibly you are the scouting party at the end.
Alliance side: Enter scenario and you are defending the walls of Theramore then you chase down the escapee.

Hopefully come Mists there will be more of an explanation.

To summarize:
Mechanics 4/5
Lore 2/5
i'm not for the loot i played it for the story and who gives a crap if some people hate questing. the scenario needed a quest line to it which would be awesome! hence why the wrathgate was bad !@# and never gets old. i refuse to read the book to understand why the hell we are losing theramore. needed way more story and lore.
Disappointing Blizzard.... very disappointing.... after all the hype about this scenario and this is it?!?! Lackluster and boring...
I think most accurate answer for what happened here is that Blizz was simply busy making other parts of the expansion awesome. I wont claim to know exactly what goes on in Blizz HQ, but from what I've seen from the beta, it's the most logical answer. Mists looks awesome.

I wont, however, use that as a defense for this scenario. There is no need to defend it. It was bad, and failed at every opportunity it had to be something great from a technical gameplay standpoint: lack of interesting mechanics, no need to act as a group (so why does it require a group?), no memorable encounter (save for a smack talkin Jaina). And, it failed at every expectation it was meant to fill: first content in nearly a year, first display of a new highly touted game mode, highly important lore moment, de-facto world event for the new expansion.
I am less angry, and more sad at the wasted potential of what this could have been.

Was Blizz's choice to focus on other things right or wrong? Can't say. But in the end, if it serves to make the rest of my Mist experience better in the long haul, I can live with it. I'm just hoping Blizz understands why there is such a reaction to this, and continues to improve their product over time.
"the wrathgate was bad !@# and never gets old. i refuse to read the book to understand why the hell we are losing theramore. needed way more story and lore."

Wrathgate was awesome as was the battle for Undercity.

For a launch event I was hoping for more, but once you get used to it it is not bad, just kind of pallid. I mean, Pandas all over all the major cities, and nary a word being spoken about them?

Ah well, guess we will see.
I was expecting something like:

A call to arms.
The Horde has taken Northwatch Hold, The Alliance needs people to defend Theramore.

Get on a boat in Stormwind, go to Theramore.
Get some quests to kill horde, siege equipment etc.

Then get a mission to do something behind enemy lines and while you are doing that Theramore blows up etc.

Then maybe do the current scenario part.
110 fireworks (that's 22 runs) and still no staff or white hat for my mage...

That's ridiculous. I hope you'll up the droprate of things the last few days
"Now Live for Level-85 Players"

If that is true then why am I being denied entry?

You don't meet the ilevel requirement (355). Buy some pvp gear on the AH, keep it in your bank.

uh yea my point was that being merely level 85 isn't good enough unlike what the title of the topic suggest.
As a first stab at the new scenario tech, it does a decent job though I had to swap my priest to healing because the mage and rogue were having troubles without some healing. I'd also like to see out of combat resources regenerated WAY faster when doing scenarios.

However, this scenario (at least on alliance, still leveling to see horde side) fell very flat on its face in the story telling department. It's not very interesting, it doesn't really give any emotional impact, and we don't see anybody dying (like all our key military leaders) or find out about Rhonin's sacrifice. We don't even see Jaina when she's in her crazy kill every last horde genocidal rage. The Wrathgate was a far better event because it hurt to see our heroes fall.

This is a shame since the book did such an amazing job of making me feel grief for the alliance and feeling great concern for Vol'jin and Baine who are basically stuck in a horrible situation as Garrosh has turned into an honorless despot. Theramore is a way bigger tragedy than Wrathgate but you'd never know it from the in game scenario. Pity.
So dissappointing. There has been a few alliance dissapointments throughout Cata, particularly when it came to Alliance lore, but this is unforgiveable. No lead up quests, nothing. If ever there is something that I thought they should re-do and re-launch, this scenario is it. I've been able to shrug off alot of shortcomings up till now, but this was supposed to be not just a scenario, but a launch event for an entire expansion.
I like the scenario. i think it's a neat game mechanic, and overall interesting and fun.

... but. doubling everyone's hp was too much. if you get three folks in there at the minimum gear level, it's uncomfortably slow.

On the loot front... In 12 runs, i've received 2 spirit helms which look just like the Agi helm. This shouldn't be on the rogue's loot table. If i get the tank sword in a later drop, i'm going to cry.

Personally, I can see why Blizzard moved to a "they pick who gets what loot" in LFR, but that's a very different mechanic than a 3 person scenario. For scenarios, I'd rather have the choice and take my chances rolling against my party members.
So, here's what I think the deal is with the Fall of Theremore scenario.

Blizzard, your gamers were expecting an awesome prelaunch event. It was supposed to be super epic with a couple lead in quests, a nice big battle, the big boom and then the escape or chase of the offenders. We didn't get a prelaunch event, which is understandable considering everything else that went into the x-pac. I get it, you had alot of other things on your plate. Its just that we've ALWAYS had an awesome event, so this seems like a bit of a let down.

I've seen other people mention similar concerns then came a response in a blue post that worries me.
"We tried to keep everything all in the scenario, to make it really self-contained, but not burden it with lots of story that you have to slog through every time you played the scenario. It's pretty clear from the feedback that people wanted more story. We should've surrounded the scenarios with more quests or explanations to help round out the story for the people who wanted to know what exactly was happening. Lesson learned!"

I don't think most of us want you to overcorrect with the lore and story in the other scenarios. I think that people wanted you to have more story / lore in THIS scenario because in their mind it was the prelaunch event.

As a scenario, its exactly what it should have been. Maybe a little short and easy, but as a systems preview it was perfect. I know its not easy walking the line between ToC and Saurfang as far as too little vs too much story.

Thanks for letting me ramble.
Theramore is a big disappointment. WTG Blizzard, reusing old models and sound clips. It's way way way way way too easy, the drops suck, it's boring.
Oh - one more thing. People have already found at least one TJ in Theramore, since dbags always have to find ways to skip.

WTG Blizz QA team. You guys are doing GREAT.
sigh, there really aren't words to describe the level of failure that this scenario is.

Not that I think blizzard will do anything or even take into consideration my comments but ill try and offer feed back on what went wrong and what could have been done better with this train wreck.

First thing, assuming people don't want heavy story in their scenarios or in any part of the game is folly, many of us play this game because of the rich story it has. Having played the scenarios in beta I understand how they are a more shallow experience story wise and I agree with that decision, however the destruction of Theramore should not be compared to helping a panda make brew that turns people into monkeys, its insulting to your own lore and a very poor reflection on your development team.

The fact is that Theramore should NEVER! have been a scenario, this should have been a potent world event that set the tone for the upcoming expansion, telling your customer base that it just wasent a high priority when weighed against putting the finishing touches on MOP is a sloppy and irresponsible answer. It tells us that your development team/company in general is either poor and managing its resources or simply lazy, which has been evident in past blunders as well.

I will give credit where credit is due, MOP is amazing, it truly is in almost every aspect, its a beautiful and polished expansion that shows off smart design choices and and attention to detail and quite frankly MOP puts the other expansions to shame this is your best yet.

That being said it is a huge shame that you have decided to short change us on the pre event, I say event because thats what it should have been. I love reading the lore about Li Li and Chen and will probably get the graphic novel, but why limit such amazing content to those mediums when you could have Had Chen drinking with the dwarves or other species as an intro to the expansion. you could have had him go around and introduce himself and maybe even had him give you a quest or two.

I read the latest Jaina novel so I got the experience of how Theramore really went, but again why does all of that amazing story have to be limited to a book. As a Customer where is the incentive to buy MOP? If I did not know how great of an expansion it was, What would make me want to buy it based on what you have presented to us leading up to it?

You admit you made mistakes and said you were only human, thats all well and good but this kind of thing has happened in the past and it really shakes the confidence of those of us who expect more from a game we PAY to play. Again I highly doubt blizzard will take this to heart, they will just ride the success of wow until it dies. It really is a shame.
So how do you queue for it ?

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