Theramore's Fall: Now Live for Level-85 Players

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I'm rather disappointed that I can't queue because of item level. (And yes, I just spent a bunch of gold trying to buy things and got nowhere fast)

If you're going to say "can do at 85" please let us DO IT AT 85! If you want to have requirements, say so so that I have more time to go gear hunting. I spent my time grinding to 85, to find that now I can't do it anyway. Very frustrating, as I've done almost every other pre-expansion event, if not all.
09/22/2012 07:20 AMPosted by Anarien
So how do you queue for it ?
Check the evil green eye in your dashboard - where you queue for 5 mans, etc. Make sure the tab is up that shows "dungeons, scenarios, etc". Click on the scenario portion and if you're qualified to queue, the Fall of Theramore will be available to you. Check the box, then the icon for LFM. Good luck.
scenario is a total fail.

it took longer to run it that the designers took making it.

Great event. Exciting, immersive, original, and totally unexpected. The lore story telling was fantastic.
09/22/2012 11:26 AMPosted by Quarky
it took longer to run it that the designers took making it.

Link please.
it took longer to run it that the designers took making it.

Link please.

I can't imagine it took very long. The actual redesign probably took some time, but I'm no 3d artist, so I can't say how long that stuff takes.

Other than that, it's dragging units on the map and adding scripts. I've made Warcraft 3 maps before, and I can't imagine it being much more longer than that. They didn't reinvente the wheel or anything. It's a tiny map with some units on it.

The mini bosses don't seem to really have any kind of complex mechanics that need to be tuned.
I saw a Goblin drop a bomb. Then there's no Theramore. Then fight a bunch of easy trash mobs and a couple of trash mobs with more health, and then get fireworks. FIREWORKS.

The Fall of Theramore is more like an analogy for the Fall of Blizzard. Poorly designed, poorly executed and not fun to play.

I, for one, am breaking the cycle of abuse, and have cancelled my subscription based upon the lack of quality development. Does anyone at Blizzard, in a leadership role, actually still play the game?
I was really surprised at how short it was. I actually ran it a few times just to make sure there wasn't something I missed. Kill packs of trash mobs, kill a few elites, fight a slightly stronger elite, then bam. Tabard in the mail. I get that it's not a dungeon, but still... major disappointment, particularly as this is essentially MoP's pre launch event.

Future scenarios need to be more than just killing trash mobs.
Tired of running it on my tank trying for the captains cutlass. Running since Tuesday and have yet to get the sword.
The drop rate on everything is ****ing terrible. Already ran it at least ten times on this character and gotten nothing but fireworks and an axe... only, what, 90 more times for the items I want? What the hell were you guys thinking?
'Lesson learned!' seems far too pat of an "Oh well, we screwed up, live with it."

I've read a lot of "Alliance get screwed all the time" threads and I have to say I'm starting to agree. Blizzard, you *could* have made this epic. For whatever reason you chose not to.

I'm highly disappointed. If I hadn't read the book, I would not be frothing for a war with Garrosh. And most Alliance players are going to miss that feeling because they don't have time to pick up a book. WTG.

Here's a post that explains exactly how I feel more constructively:
Will this be available until midnight Monday or is there a set time this will end for 85's? The patch ended support for my video card and my new laptop won't come until tomorrow so I'm hoping I can run it before it ends. I want the tabard for sure.
Don't worry Alliance folks, the horde side is horrible too. The fact that this scenario was deemed finished and ready for release is amazing to me. There is almost no explanation to any of the events on either side.

We didn't even got a town crier saying "Theramore is under attack!" Nothing at all. It's sad too because the scenarios in mists seem to be a lot of fun and well thought out. This mess of an instance is the exact opposite.
The Horde side seemed to just not make sense... They sacrifice a bunch of soldiers to fake a siege, and then just drop a bomb on the place? Why not just... drop the bomb?
But I'd be happy with it if I could get the friggin item drops without having to run it a hundred times.
im really disappointed i spent all week gear hunting, eventually just bought some stuff in the AH and when i was finally at the right item level the damn scenario was basically kill these dudes and free this guy, and a cut scene of freaking hiroshima. i was expecting something worth while, and what happened to the whole bit about Hellscream going mad with power, and the true nature of his plans being unveiled? i expected something as good as the Battle for Undercity. that would have been a really good quest chain that would have lead us straight into MoP
(Please note: if friends are not available to you at the time, two will be provided. Batteries not included. Subject to change. Void where prohibited.)

Wow, they sure weren't kidding about "batteries not included". The scenario seems full of people who AFK while the others are forced to do it on their own, since there is no Vote to Kick option. How could they forget this option, considering LFD and LFR has it, and in random battlegrounds you can report people AFK.
hey bule, how bout you all desighn a payback Scenari evenually perm effect on a horde town like what the hordes did to theremore... hahahhahha
well you know it would be nice to put a npc aftermath theremore that gives alliance credit for the loss of quests need to complete to make up for it..... for those whois working on loremaster ... or adjust required quests accordly to make theremore optional to required quests needed....

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