Theramore's Fall: Now Live for Level-85 Players

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I can't wait to find bandages for the doctor and killing those pesky boars!!!
Im prob going to miss this, unless blizz sort out some of there issues.
This makes me sad.
08/28/2012 03:06 PMPosted by Zasso
Having logged in, I found nothing to even show that Theramore will be attack or even any quest or gossip. If someone isn't 85 how would they even know there is a world event? If all we get is just a scenario then you have wasted my money.

You are ridiculous your biggest gripe repeating in this thread is "stopping calling this an event?"...petty-much? You do realize how silly you sound telling the creators of the game and its content , the ones who define what the content is --- "hey that's a not an event!". The generic word event, look it up in a dictionary first - its not a 'wow' term. 2nd what you are doing is kin to telling the author of a novel 'What! That is now how that character feels!" are telling the creators about their do you know more about it then them?

And "you have wasted my money" money all came down to how any world event did or didn't happen?

Are you really this stupid and ignorant? C'mon you are just playing right? This is an elaborate troll...its gotta be....
Looking forward to doing this leading up to the expansion! Hoping other World Events will also take place leading up to this as well with some Feats of Strength like previous expansions released.
My Game time expires three days before the event starts.
cant wait to try and stop the horde....... but we all know garrosh is a coward..... he will bomb us and we will die....
I'm disappointed there's no real world event to open MoP ...not sure if there was something leading into TBC but i was during the zombie invasion (pre-WLK) and then through the elemental rifts (pre-Cata) but now there's nothing.

At least you guys should open the scenario like way earlier. There's no achievement for doing something pre-MoP now too right? (Related to a world event i mean)
What sort of gear requirement are we looking at? Is it something that people who are inexperienced at grouping should avoid?
how big with the update for it be?
08/28/2012 05:28 PMPosted by Zasso
It is misleading to call this thing an event period.

Event, event, event, event, event and event.
08/28/2012 02:35 PMPosted by Kaivax
(Please note: if friends are not available to you at the time, two will be provided. Batteries not included. Subject to change. Void where prohibited.)

HA! I get it. Why are you so dirty Blizzard?
Will any of the past events prior to the previous expansion releases be brought back as scenarios. Like the taking of the Echo Isles.
I think they are doing a real disservice to new players making the expansion event a level 85 only thing. What about all the RAF people and new members in the Alliance/Horde mentor guilds that just have to sit there and watch us have fun without them. I just think this could have been a little better. One of the main concerns that we saw on so many posts was that people don't "Get out in the world". During the WOTLK event there were mini events that took place all day long in different zones and people were constantly out in the world doing them. People loved it. Mind you some people were upset over the zombie situation but most people recall it fondly.

Given that we are supposed to be gearing up for an Ally vs. Horde war it would have been nice for mini events to occur throughout the world at different times like Orc invasions in cities with a call to arms for Ally to go out and kill the invaders. Possibly having them drop tokens that could be redeemed for a special mini pet or tabard/trinket whatever (something for us to keep to remember the event like other past xpac events). Likewise Humans invading Horde cities/encampments. These events could have been done at all different levels so that every player could have the ability to participate regardless of level. I also would have liked to see some air battles over SW/Org. Maybe having the citizens of the city "man" guns (roof of org/sw docks) and shoot down enemy flyers, again offering this to any level player due to the use of a vehicle. With the skyfire over the docks seems fitting that it has some use. Chen could have come to the main cities announcing the attacks etc.

Scenarios look like an awesome addition to the game thus far but don't really get anyone out in the world in fact it encourages the sitting in a main city all the more.
08/28/2012 02:41 PMPosted by Zasso
Can you stop calling it an event please as it clearly isn't one.
This seems very lackluster when compared to previous pre-expansion events.

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