Theramore's Fall: Now Live for Level-85 Players

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Entirely too long to start this event! How long were we fighting off elements demons the scourge? WEEKS! And even the doomsayers were walking around in Orgrimmar before the event happened to give you a sense of impending doom. Blizzcon is cancelled because it Blizzard is too busy. BUSY DOING WHAT???
09/10/2012 11:30 AMPosted by Ursamajor
Blizzcon is cancelled because it Blizzard is too busy. BUSY DOING WHAT???

Making new games (Titan) and new expansions of existing games (SC) so that you can have something else to cry about once you're done here.
mm, why do i feel like this isn't going to be as epic as most of us had hoped for? i feel like they're giving up on the WoW community even after we've continued to stick with them for so long. this kind of stuff doesn't make me want to try/buy anymore of their games because i'm afraid they would be a waste of money or some kind of let down. i'm going to give mop a decent shot since i already bought it, and hopefully leveling in pandaria isn't a let down either.
09/10/2012 01:23 PMPosted by Athena
mm, why do i feel like this isn't going to be as epic as most of us had hoped for? i feel like they're giving up on the WoW community even after we've continued to stick with them for so long.

You sound like you have made some personal sacrifices to stick with WoW.
But it kinda is it'll be the first scenario ever. that's something and its still better than nothing with pfft here's your xpac enjoy.
But when you guys announced it, you said "in the weeks leading up to mop"... not week... /sob


I'm looking forward to the scenario ^-^
Well this is highly disappointing for lower level characters. Couldn't you have thrown in a Horde/Alliance invasion?
I gotta agree somewhat... I like the idea of everyone being able to see a "world event", and not just max-level players.
I logged on last night and went running around Theramore /yell'ing that the horde were coming and nobody even acted like they noticed me. Idiots! They all deserve to die. I warned 'em.
Why is it up for just one week, how long is the scenario?
one week and not really a world event

if my panda alt would be ready he would be a sad panda
I do not agree with this! It should be two-weeks because we are bored out of our minds! It may not be a true world-event but dammit, 1-week is not nearly enough to sate one's PvE appetite!
Blizzard, it's not that I'm ungrateful for all the work you've done over the years. Quite the contrary. I've become so used to you guys surprising us and adding things to the game to keep it interesting that a week long non-event event seems, I dunno, just wrong.

When I saw a patch, I got kind of excited. And then I read the patch notes. 8 hours of downtime for changes most players won't even notice? And you do this 2 weeks before an xpack when you know we are going to be expecting something from you based on your previous actions? Who made that call?

There are so many things I am looking forward to with MoP and one of them had been a pre-launch event, see what you guys cooked up this time.

We got nothing.

I don't even want to play now. :(
So ready for the x-pac. Bored with just running dungeons and DS : \ Guess I'll actually study for another week.
Logged in with my Mage, teleport to Theramore... cross realm zone is down... realize theres no event, log out. Not really exited about a queu for a pre expansion "event". Had a great time in the previous pre-expansion events. Just a little let down from the expectations I had. Not by any means gonna keep me from playing and enjoying this game that ive played for years.
i bought batteries the other day, but they weren't included...
so i had to buy them again
Never been one to post on the forums but I was so let down by the lack of engagement by Blizzard leading up to the release of MoP that I had to add my 2 cents.

It is not hard to tell from the forums or perhaps take a look at trade chat for realms to see that the player base wants and looks forward to events created for them to get excited about a new expansion. Did they lay off a team related to world events within Blizzard?

I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around them not having more things to do related to a expansion in the weeks leading up to it. Very poor showing on Blizzards part for those of us that stuck with the game through all of Cata even when our servers suffered large losses due to the release of D3 and lack of content at the end of Cata.

Edit: Just wanted to add while thinking of it, what is the point of dropping Pandarans in the major cities before the expansion if they are not going to use them for prerelease events. I just can't get over thinking that the time and effort put into the build up of MoP was purely done from a marketing and sales side (web advertising, twitter, facebook, tv commercials) versus done by people that care about the game (world events team, or community managers) to help herald a new expansion. Lazy patching that just drops the new race into our cities without a simple quest or lead up to dropping them in the cities just doesn't seem right to me and should have been a warning sign to us all that they are not interested in immersing us in the world we all have been playing in for so long.

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