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why wont my blizzarder downloader load :<
dw your not missing much it's crap.
People are reporting that it's sitting on 0% for ages then suddenly finishing. Also, you may like to turn off peer-to-peer downloads for it:

Downloader Preferences
Untick enable P2P

P2P can cause timeout issues if others are having problems. Unticking it will force you to download straight off the Blizzard mirrors.

Edit - after doing this myself, it sat on 0% for over an hour. So I closed the launcher and loaded the game. Bingo! It's all done!
im having the issue with the updating setup files where it stops at 70% ive stop the agent.exe process and it goes to 90% and starts to launch the launcher but stops when i check agent.exe is running again and my update is back to 70% can anyone help

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