5.0.4 shaman changes.

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08/28/2012 05:40 PMPosted by Meshtaroka
4 of there favorite totems at once

yes. the 3 buff totems where we'd nerf our damage any time we needed a utility and the searing totem that i think maybe 5% of the shaman community actually likes...

the new system is best
Most of the totems are defensive, so they don't need to be all dropped at once.

Enhancement PvP trying out the new spells and changes....

Kayumi - B4 Panda PvP
It seems obvious to me, that whoever makes these decisions must not play the class.This is definitely a step backwards.
I really wish they'd focus on the new content and leave the class abilities and talents alone.Makes me wonder how much of this game is ruled by PvP vs Pve.I dont PvP often, but it seems it rules all decisions made in regard to class abilities and talents.
Not sure why anyone would actually miss the old totems, i'm loving the new system.
I want my totems back.
I agree custodis, I don't like the changes

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