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Everyone has a right to complain.. but, to me, some of it is a little over the top; for me, Azeroth hasn't changed that much minus the floating pandas maybe.. it's certainly not a completely new game; just a game with new stuff. But I suppose people get used to things being one way and never want to change out of their comfort zone.

...only thing that I didn't like yesterday was having to fix my UI after thinking I was prepared. ..still missing a few key items that broke.

I chose my talents, reforging, glyphs etc.. like before. which boiled down to just reading stuff like before and making a few 'choices' based on what I thought I'd use w/ my playstyle..

..being a devoted kitty I'm so happy to have my own tree and not worry about bear talents so much.

I was able to be an Orca.. spent at least 30 minutes swimming around.. swimming past people with my fin out of the water. this by itself paid for the game. lol.. i like swimming just about as much as flying.

I saw more people in Darnassus! ...not just people logging in to test out their new stuff, but I saw a whole bunch of people from a different server! ..i won't be so lonely there anymore.

The achieves condensed, pets/mounts on all my characters.. how cool is that?

AND.. I discovered my rotation doesn't really change that much and I was able to do what I did before >> kill stuff and not be killed. Cool!

The changes just seem cosmetic to me at this point (as a feral druid).. After choosing all my talents etc, I usually forgot about them anyway and just killed stuff.. maybe my attitude will change once I get into dungeons or a few BGs.

I have a feeling I'll just get used to it though and still love the game like the majority.
08/29/2012 07:51 AMPosted by Dorrell


I guess BC arena's weren't dominated by SL/SL warlocks with resto druids. Obviously BC was perfect and didn't have any class imbalances.

Me + Skillherald.

So broken playing it didn't feel right and I quit after two matches.

Rogue mace spec >_<


L2Adapt, if you can't adapt to change you fail as a human and should be weeded out through natural selection.

simply amazing, is it just me? or did your comment just make my MF day!?
08/29/2012 08:20 AMPosted by Zallath
Blizzard is being rediculous,

The only people being ridiculous is you damn QQers. Seriously the patch has been out for one day and people are already making I quit threads, Well fine, I say good riddance. Me and the rest of the people that enjoy this game will enjoy it without you people that complain all the time.
Anyone that posts L2anything are the ones that the game are being dumbed down for, thanks youngins.
08/29/2012 08:28 AMPosted by Ilthuzar
The reason you people SHOULD be complaining on day one of the patch is to get i revoked that much quicker. if you wait a month to start complaining then there is NO chance of it being changed. and then your stuck with the bull!@#$ changes because you decided to give it an honest try.

So we should be complaining before we honestly know if its a good thing or a bad thing, because if it turns out to be bad then it'll be too late to change it? You're kind of a glass-half-empty person, aren't you? ; )

Realistically, they're not going to revert these changes. They've put too much development time into them to do that. Its just not going to happen.

And the reaction I've seen in game is far, far different than the reaction on the forums. I see people who have come back to check out the new mechanics and they are mostly impressed. What it boils down to is you need to decide if you're willing to try the changes or not. If not, you're perfectly within your rights to simply quit and find a game that you enjoy.

I would warn you, however, that you might find the same type of changes in the game that you settle on playing instead of WoW.

Or you could try the new changes with the understanding that what has come before is now gone. Either you'll find you enjoy it or you won't, but it would be wise to have low expectations when asking for them to revert the patch.
game is most likely being dumbed down to the new generation of mentally challenged youth.

They want easy, they want now, they want fast, no work or thinking required.

Ironic that the pre-MoP talent system was just this yet you say its the MoP generation.
my only question is how do you train if you need to train?
You must be new to WoW OP, this happens every expansion.
08/29/2012 08:48 AMPosted by Gregwallace
my only question is how do you train if you need to train?

Don't you automatically learn the abilities now? No need to visit the trainer to pick up new abilities anymore?
game is most likely being dumbed down to the new generation of mentally challenged youth.

They want easy, they want now, they want fast, no work or thinking required.

and the hilarious thing is, you still got your dad to pay for the game for you!

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