Shrink Water Elemental Please

Seriously. I've been a frost mage since 2005 and it has always been too big. With the new patch I swear my water elemental has gotten bigger! On assist it's completely in the way, it's always blocking view. It's almost twice the size of my character!

Before 5.0.4 it was still just too large, now it seems more so.

Can we please get a smaller water elemental? Or at least a glyph that shrinks it's size significantly?
Are you using Glyph of Water Elemental? Because it makes the thing swell up like a balloon.
08/29/2012 02:05 PMPosted by Lhivera
Are you using Glyph of Water Elemental? Because it makes the thing swell up like a balloon.

Yikes. They should know that's going to be on every Frost mage's page.

Does anyone know how to specifically get rid of the constant bubbling noise? It's fun for a while but I'm really tired of it but don't want to disable sound.
Yes, I am using the glyph, but really, this thing is just too big. I don't see the point in having it so large. My ele is never targeted in PvP (but I do not do arenas), so for the life of me I can't understand why it is so big.

And yes Eleveleleven, the noise too.

All there is on my screen is my water ele and in my ear bubble bubble bubble. Not fun.
I've said this in another post but... the fact that it can move while casting should be enough to distinguish a frost mage is using the glyph, making it bigger is unnecessary

08/29/2012 05:51 PMPosted by Eleveneleven
Does anyone know how to specifically get rid of the constant bubbling noise? It's fun for a while but I'm really tired of it but don't want to disable sound

There was an addon via Curse that would eliminate most of the obnoxious sounds created by things such as the Water Elemental, and even the flying machine that engineers make. I can't recall the name, and I've never used it before, but I can say I saw it.
I personally love my bouncer. He's four times the size of my goblin, and I am loving every second of it.
Yeah I found somewhere else how to get rid of the sound.

World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\Creature\WaterElemental

Make that folder structure in your WoW directory (Sound\Creature\WaterElemental will be missing so make that tree) then add a blank file (like nothing from Notepad) called WaterElementalLoop.ogg

They used to use .wav apparently but probably moved to .ogg because of compression for smaller game download (and the quality is still good).

Anyway just restart WoW and your WE will not make idle bubbling noises.
The elemental is HUGE now with this glyph, it gets in my way now on a regular basis. If you're trying to interact with anything in the game, now you have to swivel the camera around until you can actually click the object because the elemental is so big.

Blizzard, please add a minor glyph that reduces the size of the elemental significantly. Or simply remove the giant elemental effect from the water elemental glyph.
I actually got rid of my water elemental glyph despite the fact that I loved it because of the size increase. It was ridiculous how my Bubbly ended up bein almost 3 times the size of my gnome. It made interactin with quests a massive pain and completely obstructed my view in anythin that had a ceiling.

Was a sad day when I got rid of it.

On the plus side it made me realize how much of an absolute joy the cone of cold glyph was. 4 mob packs, 100k damage with a single global. Awesome.
I just wish he'd stop getting in the way of everything. Shrink him please.
Yeah, the increased size from the glyph is definitely annoying. I wish it made him smaller, not larger.
I totally agree with the above posts. Please Blizz, shrink the pet.
Signing because my elemental is -always- in the way.

Also, I have to add... ice elemental instead of water makes way more sense. WoW has some cool ice elementals now! Can't we have one of those instead?
I'll keep saying this, but wasting a glyph slot. It would be bad even if it didn't make the ele bigger.
Over-sized pets standing/moving to close to character are an annoyance issue with all the pet classes.

I get frustrated playing my Warlock because the Voidwalker (especially the talented version) is so huge, it blocks click-able items constantly, and gives me an actual headache with how it warps in and out of my camera view while moving.

I tried playing my Frost Mage and had the same issues that I had with my Warlock, and had to give it up.

Even on my Hunter it is an issue with most pets (even when they are glyphed smaller) - though I have found that the glyphed MoP porcupine pet model is fantastically TINY (like a tiny lvl 1 critter, lol), and now use that as my pet of choice. Otherwise, I doubt I would be playing any pet classes at this point.

I love him so, but man, hes constantly getting in the camera view like the voidwalkwer does with the warlock, but the difference is the voidwalker goes to attack something,
Mr elemental stays right by my side casting AND sqirting/leaking water everywhere too!
(I do like all the leaking all over, but when hes that big, its like a firework show on my screen sometimes. Im going to have a sezure from water effects!)

And the bubbling/boiling noise! If only it was some soothing water noise it might not be so bad, but its like a 4 second loop of boiling sounds! it might not be so bad if it wasnt so loud...

I find it funny we have so many polymorph options/glyphs that I could care less about, but I think people would love a couple different water elemental options. I would love to have him 1/3 or 1/2 the size! "dense water" could be the glyph or something.

I woudlnt care for the Ice elemental glyph myself but would love for people to have the option! It would make for more individualised mages.
Also, I think they should just be be cosmetic minor Glyphs.
I use the glyph as well. Drives me crazy how i have to consistently shift where I stand just so I can loot something due to his size. He needs to be smaller. I'll take a different color than size please.

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