You have been disconnected from the server

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For me , it started after I patched 2day, I logged and when I went into a dungeon,it disconnected and now I get the same thing u all do
11/06/2012 02:29 PMPosted by Machkhan
This issue should be resolved, as maintenance is now over.

No it hasn't.
Well it hasn't. I've been having problems for the last couple of days and now it has rendered the game totally unplayable. This issue is not at all resolved and now i cant even log in. when it says "connecting" it will freeze and then go directly to disconnected. it is not my internet connection because i have had it tested, i am able to connect to the internet and other network-based applications on my computer- it only disconnects from WoW.
Yep same here. The game let me login 15hrs ago but this morning, "you have been disconnected from the server."
Getting Battle Net Error #114 now.

Let's use the sticky we have for tracking. It is a known issue. Please use the 32-bit client for the moment.

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