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I recently got a new job working overnights, so the current raid schedule I have won't work. Which is a total loss, because I love the server I'm on, and the guild I'm in. I'll be working 10pm-7am cst, and I live an hour away from work so I need to leave my house by 8:45 pm cst. Raid times will have to be between 4-8pm cst, which would be 2pm-6pm pst, and 5pm-9pm est. I know the times are difficult, but it's either that or stop playing which is something I certainly don't want to do.

I also won't be able to server transfer for about 2-3 weeks. 10 or 25, Horde or Alliance doesn't matter too much. Would prefer 25m regardless of the faction.

Please be 8/8 Heroic.

Real ID is: j-h-18@live.com

We have 2 runs a late night and a early group on Eonar (A).
8/8hm looking to recruit to buff up our 25 mans for DS/Mop.
Core Spots Are Needed!

Mon-Wends 12-3 est late group <-- Is the one I am recruiting you for
Tues-Thurs 9-12 est early group


<Second Attempt> Eonar

ID' rebelnash03@yahoo.com
Need something in the afternoon, I'll be at work late at night, sorry
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Name: Requiem
Server: Proudmoore [Alliance]
Raid Times:
- Tuesday 8-11PM PST
- Thursday 8-11PM PST
- Monday 8-11PM PST
Progression: 8/8Ha
Loot System: EPGP (DKP)
Roster: 12 players: We run a 12 man roster with 2 players sitting each week. There is a set schedule of who and when players sit - everyone sits the same amount and plays the same amount. You sit once every six weeks. We use 12 players to ensure that we will always have a raid. The two main reasons are: 1) Helps reduce burnout 2) If someone is absent/late/internet issues/etc, we will still have a raid.

We are currently preparing for MoP, filling in the last few spots before the expansion hits.

We are only recruiting core players. No one is a bench warmer on our team.

Please feel free to real ID me as I'd love to speak with you further about a possible core spot on our roster: Jleee323@yahoo.com
I don't consider people that don't read my post and see the specific times I can raid.
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