<DSLB> (LVL25) Recruiting for MoP

Hello Arthas,

DSLB is currently recruiting active players for raiding in MoP. There are high needs of a tank and DPS. The members we have left going into MoP are experienced (A few 8/8 HM) and know their stuff. We are looking to find some people to start raiding when 5.0.4 comes out so we can find people that are playing well and can meet raiding standards.

- Could use any variety of ranged. (Mage or hunter emphasis)
- A melee, No more rogues please.
- A Solid tank, non-warrior

PST Salimaris, Inharm, or Timewarp in-game for any more info or just reply here!

Thanks for your time.
We are all really excited for MoP coming up and we hope all of you are as well. Anyone interested in joining the guild for PvP related or casual gameplay, feel free to receive an invite to the guild. We want to grow with Arthas in MoP and become known around the realm.

tl;dr bump
A friend and me are both with SWAG right now and they never do anything. We are getting frustrated because we really love raiding but never find the people to do them with. I have a Prot Pally, Elemental Shammy, and Destructo Warlock raid ready. My friend has an Affliction warlock, Feral Druid 85. If you have any extra slots please let me know. We are ready to do more of the fun stuff.

Hey Donatelo,

Give me you and your friends armory information.
We would be more than happy to try out any one and get to know you.
Also, we set up a little site for this. There is a short and simple application we would like everyone to fill out so we can get to know you more.


That is a link to the site and forum.
Thank for your interest buddy.
BTW, tryouts will begin in 5.0.4 on Tuesday. We will be looking for a few people until then that would like to run a HM FL or DS or something. Idk yet.

When MoP arrives, once the raid is ready we will probably be progressing hard modes. Anyone that feels they are capable of this, please apply here on the forums.

Bump, pst Me, Inharm, Salimaris for consideration. dont care about ^ that guys noob post.

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