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I wasn't able to make it to Gamestop on time today to buy more wow time, so I decided to go to my local CVS and buy a Visa gift card. I went to the Blizzard store and selected the amount of game time that I wanted to buy and signed in, but when I view my payment method and click on 'Continue To Next Step' it takes me right back to the Blizzard store home page. Why is this? PLEASE don't tell me I went and bought a card that doesn't work.

Any help will be appreciated.
Try clearing the browser cache/temp files, or try a different browser to see if that helps.
Will do.
I'll let you know if it helps.
Also make sure you registered your visa gift card. Blizzard checks the zipcode/address on file with what the card tells it.

Also create a billing profile for the card before you try to buy game time with it.
I created a billing profile and went to the Visa card website and it asked for my zip code. So I've done all that I know is required. And Nephe, clearing cache didn't work. I'm using Chrome, would switching browsers make much of a difference?
I tried using Internet Explorer and I can't even get to the checkout page.
Help me. I don't want to have wasted my money on this non-refundable card.
It may be that registering your card with Visa doesn't take effect immediately.
I'd be patient and try again in the morning.

Patience is something I don't have, but I guess I really have no other option at the time.

Thanks for all the suggestions though.
If it was a problem with registering my card, wouldn't I get like an error or something? Instead of being redirected to the stores homepage? That's what I don't understand.
I fixed it. I just added a subscription, then canceled it so it just added 1 month.

Thanks for all the help though, guys and gals. <3javascript:;
i dont understand .what did you do
09/03/2012 07:35 PMPosted by Tonald
i dont understand .what did you do

08/24/2012 12:09 AMPosted by Kalethesnail
I just added a subscription, then canceled it so it just added 1 month.

Next time, read the whole thread. And make your own topic if you don't understand.
When you say you fixed it, does that mean you registered your card with visa?
This is a very old thread, Feoden. Please feel free to start a fresh thread with details of your issue if you need assistance.


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