Seeking layed-back Raiding&PvP guild for MoP

As the title says, I am currently seeking a more or less casual guild for the new expansion!
The only problem is that I have time frames to deal with, and since I am on the west coast... server time can conflict with my schedule a bit. That being said, a comfortable raiding time for me would be something around or after 8:00PM PST and ends at 12:00AM PST.

If there are any guilds out there with raiding times similar to what I exampled, I would love to get into contact with them! I also have a friend who wants tag along with me; the more the merrier, right?

In terms of what I am looking for, I really just want a relaxed guild that raids and does PvP (including RBGs), but not too 'relaxed' to the point where nothing gets done. A tight-knit guild would be lovely, but if there are any larger guilds out there... that is fine too.

Please contact me if you think there is a guild out there for me. =D
Thank you for reading !

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