[A] <MadBluntz> 8/8H Recruiting for Core

Konichiwa britches. We're a brand new guild that is looking to get some members to raid HM DS and prepare for MoP and also hit up some PvP. The starting core we have now is experienced. We all have at least 6/8hm experience. We are accepting everyone at this point but when we raid we will only be taking the best. If you are looking for a carry through raids once we get more members we will start up an alt run for everybody to get a shot at DS. Go ahead and drop a comment below or /who MadBluntz to get a invite or talk about some other stuff you might be interested in. Look forward to doin some werk with you.


Edit: Core team Wednesday and Thursday 9 pm server. 2nd team Saturday 9pm server
Currently tying up numerous loose-ends before MoP, getting those last professions maxed, finishing those Glory achieves, cappin' points and levelin' alts! Come join us :)

looking for dk or bear tank to fill our final spot but other raiders will still have an opportunity

still accepting anyone who wants to join
guild website now up. go there and apply if interested.

now 8/8hm with our core team (i know it's super difficult now *sarcasm*) and still recruiting for our core and 2nd raid team. hit meh up and we shall invite you to do werk n stuff. yeah n stuff i say
yeah thats definitely what it is. good job
do you need a 406 lock/405 spriest/404 hpally/399 hance shaman?
a shadow priest would be perfect. just toss me a whisper or /who MadBluntz and ask anyone for an invite. if you'd like to talk further just find me online and toss me a whisper with any questions you may have. thank ya thank ya
bump for dem casuals and 2nd teamers

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