Battle of Orgrimmar

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apologie for poor english

when were u when garrohs hellscrem dies

i was sat at home drinking drinking cordial when eruptor ring

'garrohs is die'


and you????????
So many skeletons...
08/25/2012 10:53 PMPosted by Righteousqt
So many skeletons...

the lag was worse.
08/25/2012 11:15 PMPosted by Keye
the lag was worse.

Yeh no kidding i thought it would be funny to hop on my ele shammy and run right in the middle of you all and thunderstorm, so i log onto my shammy, run into the middle of you all, hit thunderstorm nothing happens for 10mins and i DC.

More funny thinking about it than trying it lol
08/25/2012 10:53 PMPosted by Righteousqt
So many skeletons...

Was worth it.

Many thanks to Slashandburn for organising. Must do this again some time.
Was a lot of fun, But the lag was oh so annoying.. Did go down a little towards the end. Thanks Slash(:
No worry's was a very fun raid :D

The horde had a decent defence at the start and towards the end, but we managed to pull it back together, Well done everyone!

I'm annoyed I missed it but hell it was funny watching facebook go nuts.
Did anyone fraps?
Yeah I recorded it on ultra settings with a good framerate,
Also about 5-6 other people recorded it from what im aware.

Will be on youtube soon.
I was on compter

When skyp cal come thru

Erptor say

"Garros is die"

i was on flor pasd out

When skyp cal come thru

i mis cal
I was on compter

When skyp cal come thru

Erptor say

"Garros is die"


lyke dis if u cri evrytiem
So.. the horde have had some excuses yesterday about us taking org by making it a lagfest...

what was your excuse for not being able to defend this time?

tonight we killed him 2 times, with 4 casualties and about 60 hk's.
Can you link the videos once they're up on youtube?
tough talk from the alliance, do you remember the hard times you had defending against sith lord osud?

apparently 10 shamans were too much for 60+ alliance.

I doubt that such a horrible slop from alliance would be remembered, maybe the times ajantis camped the honor vendors for a good 5 hours, remember that?

I could go on and list the times stormwind has been farmed
Ace has his one uploaded.

im still learning sonyvegas, so might take a while for editing, and will upload soon. (will try the full 4hour video)
Not so much,

Personally I really wish the Alliance showed more guts when we are actually in Stormwind.

It should not be okay that we can hold the main Auction House with 20 people for literally 15 minutes during prime-time on a Sunday.

I guarantee that if an Alliance group showed up in the main AH in Orgrimmar on a Sunday in primetime (8pm server) they would be met by a fiercer degree of resistance.

Someone really needs to show some pride from the Alliance when it comes to city raids. Sure, it's a PVE server, but they are one of the funnest things to do in WoW, be it defending or attacking. It's where rivalries are made and realm heroes are forged.

If you subscribe to the 'Saurfang is a dead/dying server' theory, then just leave. Those of us that have chosen to make it home are doing our best to create a thriving inter-faction rivalry.

Guess what? Sunday was when it happened.... and at a time when ALOT of horde were there.

All i did. was help 400 people get their warbears before mop.
And about 12 guilds their city attacker acheivement.

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