Shadow/Disc priest (and brood) LF home


I've just returned to WoW after a 2 yr absence, and I'm hoping to transfer to a new home on Proudmoore. I have 3-4 characters that I'd like to keep together, if possible (I'll list them below).

I am looking for more casual raiding, meaning I can fill in for main raider shortages or join in alt runs, and dungeon, achievements, BGs, etc. I missed Cataclysm completely, so I'm playing catch-up while I level my 80s before MoP.

By the way, I'm also hoping to join an Alliance guild and try out some new fun races for my characters. If anyone thinks I'd fit in, please respond to this post. In-game chat or inbox works as well. Thanks!

    Main toon - Dardrina, 81 Priest (Shadow/Disc)
    Alt toon - Lirisa, 80 Paladin (Ret/Holy....but not sure how I'll play this one in MoP)
    Alt toon - Darleena, 80 Mage (Frost)
    Alt toon - Dethdrina, 77 DK (I never got into this one, but she makes all my potions)

Check us out:
Dishonor Elite is recruiting for the core. We are a 25 man progression raiding guild with the goal of top200US in MoP. We are mainly in need of ranged dps but all spots are open to solid/competitive players.

We raid Tue/Wed/Thurs 7-11 server

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