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Area 52
<ShadowDogs> is a brand new guild looking for PvE and PvP players. We plan on forming raid groups and premade PvP groups/arena teams to get some practice before MoP arrives. We are looking for new and veteran players to fill our ranks. Our leadership is experienced in most aspects of the game and have held roles of raid and PvP leadership in a previous guild. If you are tired of lifeless guilds were nobody talks, never completes any content together or makes you wait to get some raid gear after the main people get all their MS and OS pieces then this is the guild for you.

Guild mission: We plan on creating a social atmosphere for our guildmates to enjoy and free repairs for all. If you make this guild your home we will try to make it feel like a cohesive unit willing to drop what we are doing (maybe not if we are in the middle of a raid :)) in order to help.
PvE mission: We plan on raiding at least one night a week (day TBD by raiders) and there will be no reserved gear. Everyone will have free rolls on gear that participates in our raids.
PvP mission: We plan on putting together as many premade groups and arena teams as we have interested people for. If you want to win some BGs join up now.

We are still looking for a few more people for leadership roles and looking for people who want to raid. Our guild website will be completed later this week and we are still discussing which chat program to use. If you would like to join send an in game tell to: Soulstrider, Evilorchid, Blinkstrikes, Labos or Galyndine. We look forward to seeing you.

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