Best leveling spec in 5.0.4

Hi all. I have been waiting until 5.0.4 dropped to level another warlock from level 1. I was wondering what spec would be the quickest in MoP.

Will it be a lot different then leveling in wrath/cata or more of the same? Haven't really had access to beta so any info would be much appreciated.
You know, I might level another warlock just to see what it's like. :)

But I'm thinking demonology.
Bump because I'd like to know what people think. Demo seems pretty weak early on, but I'm only level 20.
With metamorph abilities available to be unlocked at level 10 when demo spec is picked, it will be awesome. I was never killed throughout my levels until 20 but that depends on what rotation you're using currently. The ability to build up demonic fury will be fun although I haven't tried yet.
Trying out demo.

It feels really awkward and clunky, but destro isn't fun without Soul Fire. :/
Demonology with Soul Consumption and Demon hunting Glyphs is by far the fastest leveling for warlocks. The 20% heal occurs if you kill anything that gives experience or honor while in a demon form, and Dark Apotheosis counts for that. That, and everything is instant in the demon forms save for Soul Fire.
I've always leveled locks in Afflict, and now it's better lol.
I never really played Affliction I always did Destro so I'm kind of lost.

Just throw on UA, Corruption, Agony then spam Malefic Grasp? Maybe I'm doing it wrong but it felt weak to me. Any help with be appreciated I really want to level asap
I would go with affliction and harvest life, its kinda ridic, UA, Corruption Agony...and then feast upon their life essence with harvest life
Demo ftw :)
Been leveling destruction since the patch since Demo got really clunky and slow at low level.

Having a blast, you kill stuff as Destro so quickly.
still trying to figure out rotation, talents, spec.......been doing well as Destro for years, and loving it, even through changes, but now thinking to change? comments? help???
Likely any spec. For affliction, Soul Burn: Soul Swap is pretty nice for getting dots up immediately on a mob. So you SB:SS and them MG each mob to death.

Plus you get water-walking as aff as well (don't even have to be on your horse with the glyph). And you can sac the pet as well while leveling so you don't have to keep track of him.
From level one I would think Demonology with the Big blue. I have heard he is tanking very well now.

Once you get enough tools affliction seems like it will be the way to go. Soul Burn : Soul swap on a couple mobs, drain soul on one, move on to two more. Seem like you should be able to be killing two mobs all the time. Not sure when you would get all the right abilities to do that but that is how I am going to level up in MOP.
I just hit level 11 on my warlock and decided to try affliction... doing pretty good damage plus Voidwalker is tanking like a boss these days, keeps aggro and doesnt run all over the place.
Never really had a warlock past level 25 before so my opinion might not be accurate but it's pretty easy leveling so far.
The void tanking is almost too good it makes it tos easy. I specked into Afflic but have not really used it yet, wish they would have added tri-spec rather than stick with the duel-spec.
Destro is amazing for leveling, seriously. Your mana regenerates so fast you will never, ever have to drink, and you will kill things incredibly fast. Chaos bolt + conflagrate is pretty much a 2-shot against any normal, even-level mob, and you put out absurd damage in dungeons - even better once you unlock Aftermath.

I found demo to be a bit clunky, but you can eventually develop a pretty good rhythm. It starts off slow but you'll build up an army of wild imps pretty quick, which speeds things up. One thing to keep in mind though - while DA + Soul Consumption glyph can be effective, you have to get the killing blow for the healing to count, which can be tricky when you have a half-dozen wild imps flinging firebolts around... then again, the healing is usually massive overheal anyway so it doesn't matter too much.

Affliction felt really slow and clunky to me at low levels. I'm assuming it picks up significantly later on, especially with soul swap.
as with any class/spec, find one you like and stick to it. You'll eventually get better.

For the record, i was hardcore destro pre 5.0.4. When the patch hit I felt something was missing in the destro rotation and had come to realise i had just subconsciously gotten used to rotating in my dots into the destro rotation. Funnily enough destro plays more like my mage now so I switched to affliction and whaddya know..the affliction spec plays very similar to my old destro im now an affliction lock and will most likely level as affliction in MoP. If it doesnt work out i'll probably switch back for levelling purposes to destro (which is the spec i levelled to 85 in with Cata).
I'm assuming destro won't be too bad since we will just blow things up quickly. I am intrigued by using DA as demo though, might be a good change of pace.

I'm hoping leveling to 90 doesn't take too long...I despise leveling. :(

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