Twaz the night before Pandaria

This is a repost

Saw this while I was franctily browsing the forums late last night while enjoying my last few minutes of cataclysm!
Made me sad and miss the fun I had on Sarg Horde for Cata.

Thought I'd share:

Twaz the night before Pandaria

And all through Azeroth
Not a player was afking
Not even a moth
The auctions were placed
In the AH with Care
In hope that a buyer
Would soon be there

And all through Azeroth
Not a player was afking
Not even a moth
The auctions were placed
In the AH with Care
In hope that a buyer
Would soon be there

The players were excited
With jaws as heavy as lead
While visions on Monks
Went on in their heads.
And Deathwing in his Demise
And I on my dragon
All my little allies
Jumped on the bandwagon

When all of a sudden
We all heard a Clatter
I sprang from my mount
To see what was the matter
Away to the Harbor
I flew like a flash
I Jumped onto a box
And heard a Huge Clash

The sound of the my people
And the shot of a bow
Gave Silence to
All the people Below
When, what to my wondering
eyes should appear
But a uproar of horde
and an orc with a spear

With a leader so vicious
Who was able to smosh
Every allie into bits
And his name was Garrosh
More rapid than wolves
On the mounts in which they came
Was another troop of horde
And they all were called by name

"Now Gornek! now, Kali!
now, Kalplak and Kaltunk!
on, Margoz! on, Ophek!
on, on Vornal and Ruzan!"
"Onward to the Keep
to the wimpy king,
where he will meet his death
before it hits spring

As the horde marches onward
And the alliance members die
Theres an old human in town
Who comes out of the sky
His name is Marcus Jonathan
on the mount that he flew
He fights on the horde
but the horde got him too

And then, in a moment
I heard in the deep
The marching of the orcs
Went right into the keep
As I drew in my head
And was turning around
Down the long keep hall
Came Garrosh with a sound

He was dressed in all armor
From his head to his foot
His clothes were all torne
With Ashes and soot
A bundle of weapons
that he had on his back
he gave a loud call
and in came his pack

His men how they scream
With a look so scary
Their faces were torn
It was not very merry
They all took their stances
And pulled out bow
They went to go shoot
But they were too slow

The taste of defeat
The Orcs had in their attack
Was a wonderful story
To have with a snack
He had a broad face
With his corpes all smelly
Lied Garrosh in the keep
With a scar on his belly

He was chumby and plump
Not similar to a night elf
I laughed when I saw him
In spite of myself
A look in his eye
and a shot to his head
Made me believe
That the horrible Garrosh was dead

He spoke not a word
On his dead face with a smirk
All the alliance screamed
"He was such a jerk!"
With the burrying of his body
Next to his city
Most people thought
That it was such a pity

Back in stormwind
Was a loud uproar
That the horde and alliance
Were in a fighting war
But I wasnt convinced
That it was a fight
So Happy Mists of pandaria to all
And to all a good night!

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