5.0.4 Performance Issue (Similar to D3 Beta)

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This is really annoying... Can't we just go back to how it was pre-patch so we can at least play? :(

Hurray testing...
This is really annoying... Can't we just go back to how it was pre-patch so we can at least play? :(

Hurray testing...

I was curious about this too. Is there any way to revert back to 4.3? Or will everything just break?

BTW, I'm now running on a dual fan cool pad with a fan on my MBP with settings all scaled back. Hanging in there at 195F! woo.

No response on twitter from Blizz support.
Can Blizzard at least acknowledge they are aware of this present problem and are attempting to correct it?
At this point most people are posting because we're anxious to play but don't want to destroy our computers. We know Blizz is working on it, they acknowledged early on in this thread that there's a problem and they're looking into it. We just want to keep the issue front and center. Others are just discovering they have this problem so it's important to keep this at the top of the page for those searching for answers to easily find. Besides, what else are we going to do . . . we can't play.

Personally, I haven't noticed this being, "a thread that some users have just been off the wall in". Some of us may be a little agitated, but there's been a lot of useful information posted, even a possible workaround for the technically competent, and brave, to try out. Hopefully there will soon be a blue post telling us the problem has been solved.
Not to say it's been fixed, but I'm not experiencing the dancing pixels as bad as yesterday. Still ranging from 105%-170% in game. Hope to see a fix soon.
Omegal, you know what computer I have. I went from 30°C to 45°C inside my expansion bay (that's pre-5.0.4 vs. now), with my fans at 1000 RPM, all of them. Hardware Monitor confirmed the GPU was clocked in at 100% load vs. the previous patch's 45% load, and the CPUs totalling 265% vs. 150-170% previously.

Killing that one thread knocked down the CPU usage by 100% (down to 150ish%) and the GPU down to 40-55%. And as Growltiger noted and I confirmed, the suspect thread had far more user time than system time, which it should not have had. On average the faulty threads had nearly 2.5x user time to system time ratios. Each of the four cores I have using 65% simultaneously is definitely something WoW has not ever done before. It even brought those cores to 50°C, and I've never seen them get that hot before, especially with fans at 1000 RPM. I wasn't even able to achieve those temperatures when running PowerFractal at maximum resolution and iterations.

Neither the MB/MBPs nor the iMacs were designed to run at max GPU load and super heavy CPU load like this, at least not without massive external cooling solutions. And since our hardware did not change, but the software did, and we've discovered the thread causing it, the evidence pretty much speaks for itself here.

Edit: BTW Omegal, software most certainly can cause hardware to fry itself. If a thread gets put into a WAIT state, but is stuck in an endless runtime loop, guess what's going to happen? Hint: It's the opposite of cooling down. :) That's why our temps and CPU/GPU usage drop so dramatically when we use gdb to suspend the thread completely.
08/30/2012 09:50 AMPosted by Mîåsma
Not to say it's been fixed, but I'm not experiencing the dancing pixels as bad as yesterday. Still ranging from 105%-170% in game. Hope to see a fix soon.

100-170% is WoW's normal range for CPU usage. You're fine on that front. It's the 250%+ CPU and 100% GPU usage that's got me worried, especially when it is in scenarios where the GPU isn't even supposed to be taxed that much, nor the CPU. Even at MaxFPSbk 8 (yes, just eight), WoW remains at 250% usage. So there's pretty clearly a bug happening here.
I think we've WELL established that there is a serious, SERIOUS flaw in the Mac client, and possibly in the PC client as well.

Not only have some of the people in this thread found the offending process, but have figured out (for the code savvy) a way to fix it.

I really don't appreciate Omegal coming in here and saying 'there is no problem, your computers just suck, lol apple'. How did this guy get to be a MVP anyway? All he ever does is pooh pooh your issues and insist all of the problem is on the user end of the screen.
08/30/2012 08:59 AMPosted by Omegal
now Macbook's, another story. Apple designs them so poorly that they do overheat under max load for prolonged period of time for some models, from ANY program. is that programs fault though? no. that's apples.

Another amazing quote from Omegal.. Its Apple fault blah, blah blah..... same old story..... blah blah blah..... Blizzard will get to it.... blah blah blah MacBook pros are at fault..... blah blah blah.....

You need a new speech Omegal. That is the same statement you made to me about MacBook Pros when I tried to tell Blizz they had a problem with overheating Macs on the Diablo 3 beta. Somehow Blizz managed to find and fix the problem and now I run D3 with good FPS and no overheating AT ALL. I guess the problem WAS with the code and NOT with my MacBook Pro after all. But you will never admit that here in the forums.

If you have nothing more constructive to add I think I will continue to blame the code......
At least temporarily I'm able to play without feeling too concerned about damaging my computer by limiting the maximum FPS to 30fps, and running on low graphics. This is a great disappointment of course, coming from being able to play reliably on ultra! But now my rMBA is sitting on 83C which is far less terrifying than the 99C it runs at at my usual settings.

I'm confident that Blizzard will fix the issue, I just hope it happens sooner rather than later. I have ordered a laptop cooling pad to help as mitigation in the short term.
I noticed an improvement in heat by limiting fps to about 30 (Tried 32, dropped to 24, didn't see a difference between the two, but both are better than my normal 45) and ramping my fans up to about 3500 on the CPU fan with smcFanControl. Graphic settings actually don't seem to change anything at all.

Mind you, "better" means 165º temps instead of 175º-180º. Load on the CPU is consistent still at about 170% however, and I wonder a bit if running fans at very high levels might actually be counterproductive since each of them has a motor that in its own way adds heat and/or load.

On the -upside-... I have noticed the 64bit client seems to run more smoothly than Cata did, in general.
I wonder where are the blues.... ignoring us doesn't help.

I'm playing on a PC this morning and don't have issues. Except for the fact that I hate windows. =)

Please fix it asap!!!
LOL @ Omega, U GONE MAD BRO? MVP because he tries to divert attention away from blizzard being at fault? It's a new big content patch I do not expect everything to be perfect(I like most, know/expect there to be issues, it's normal) and I will wait until there is a fix for it without much complaint, but the green post from Omega was full of ridiculousness. Everyone was running fine before the patch and now we are not, common sense often finds common factors and the common factor here being the patch. I can run photoshop, imovie, and final cut all day on my MBP and I don't have to worry about my macbook reinventing fire, I can however say that since the patch and trying to run WoW this is not the case. So, Omega, please tape your hands in the form of a fist to refrain from being able to type your ignorant post in this thread. If you think this thread has become full of ridiculous post you should check the threads for the (fail)launch of D3 and you will likely reconsider your take.
Mac Haters are usually bred from those who can't afford one. It's not a Mac issue because like everyone has said, everything was fine until patch 5.0.4. All of a sudden after 5.0.4 all of our MACs sound like jet planes, yeah that's normal (in my sarcastic voice)
Look how much the blues have been posting on the other threads in this forum today. Ice cold.
Omegal is an MVP because he puts every problem on someone else OTHER than BLIZZARD who is clearly at fault with this one. He attempts to keep the masses at bay while blizzard ignores our very obvious problem and more than likely solution. Its clear after 15 pages, and a few tech savvy people (Growl) what the problem is. Its not our hardware, or our macs, its a thread blizzard messed up/overlooked prior to dropping the patch. Omegal is essentially trolling this forum now, because he obviously can't put two and two together and realize hardware operates in computers because software is telling them to do it. In this case, the software is causing our hardware to perform at or above its maximum capacity constantly (something no computer is designed to do)
Mackhan replied to my thread about a dock hiding bug (which is irritating but not as bad as this issue) and I tried to point him back over to this thread. Don't know if it'll work or not, but here's hoping.
Am I correct that this issue was not present in the last beta update?

Kinda defeats the point of having a beta test if you change something so significantly at launch that it basically breaks the game and possibly fries people's computers. Not cool, Blizzard, literally.

08/30/2012 10:26 AMPosted by Girden
But now my rMBA is sitting on 83C which is far less terrifying than the 99C it runs at at my usual settings.

@Girden - Dude, running a laptop at 83C for more than a short period will significantly shorten the life of your computer (and the battery!). There's a reason people see stuttering frame rates and outright lockups after a few hours at that temp.
That is a valid point and hopefully that is whats happening, I read in other forums where Blizz is telling the people of the forums that they're looking into the issues and problems; thats where I based my assumption that we were not getting the attention that we currently need. However, hopefully you are right.


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